30th Anniversary Benefit Auction: William Minter

William Minter

About the Binding:

Everyone who knew Bill Anthony would say he was a gentle Irishman with a love of his country. Since the BOOK OF KELLS is one of the beloved treasures of Ireland, Bill bound his own facsimile copy during my apprenticeship. That binding is one of my favorites, so I followed his example in the binding of his catalog. At the same time, I had observed Bill bind in vellum-over-boards, a style that he used at F.G. Marshalls in England. I had always been reluctant to bind in this manner. With the help of a recent workshop, this book is covered in vellum, in memory of Bill and his wonderful leadership.

The signatures are sewn on four vellum thongs that are exposed through the green leather spine; the sides are covered in vellum-over-boards. The title is gold stamped and the green leather lacework design – inspired from the BOOK OF KELLS – is blind stamped. The head has been colored with acrylic paint; hand-sewn silk endbands; marbled paper endsheets.

Estimated Value: $5,000

Bill Minter

About the Artist:

William “Bill” Minter was recently named senior book conservator by Penn State University in a newly created position. Prior to that appointment Bill was in private practice.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology from Stout State University, Menomonie, Wisconsin and completed a seven-year book conservation apprenticeship under William Anthony in Chicago, Illinois.  In 1978, he opened his book conservation practice in Chicago and in 1994 relocated it to Woodbury, Pennsylvania. In addition to his work at the conservation bench, he has served the field through (1) leadership in professional organizations including the AIC Book and Paper Group (Chair 1984-86) and Conservators in Private Practice (Chair 1989-91); (2) development of technologies for book and paper conservation, including the ultrasonic welder for polyester film encapsulation with over 200 installations worldwide; (3) participation in academic research as Senior Project Conservator in the Heritage Science for Conservation program, Department of Conservation and Preservation, Johns Hopkins University (2009-2012).

To bid on any of the bindings, please email us at lib-prescons@uiowa.edu. Bids will be accepted until the end of the silent auction, 7 pm CST on Thursday November 13th.