Finals Week in the Libraries

As you finish prepare for your exams, the Libraries have some things planned to help you stay balanced.

Study all night, Main Library will be open 24/7, May 9-16.

Pet a dog, 4-7PM, May 13 — Therapy Dogs of Johnson County will be in Main Library room 2032 for you to cuddle and relax with.

May 11-13, each night from 10PM until it runs out, there will be free coffee at Food for Thought Cafe.

Eat some free popcorn at midnight, May 12, in the Learning Commons. We will also have a Confess Your Stress photobooth confessional at that time. 

Post a secret anytime from May 9-May 20 in the Learning Commons.

Send a postcard home anytime from May 9-May 20 in the Learning Commons, Hardin, and the Business Library. Postage will be paid by the University of Iowa Alumni Association and Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow.

Finally, make a button or do some coloring from 8-10PM on May 14 at the craft table in the Learning Commons.

Over at the Sciences Library, you can also find free coffee and treats, de-stress with Legos, and challenge your study partner to a game on the Wii.

At the Business Library, you can get treats and take a few minutes to refocus your mind with some puzzles.

You can always check what is happening in Main Library by checking the calendar.