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IRO January 2015 usage

Content in Iowa Research Online was downloaded 131,084 times in January, a 19% increase over January 2015. The items receiving the most use were all theses: Oxidation and reactivity of 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetaldehyde, a reactive intermediate of dopamine metabolism Nurse manager competencies Design of wind turbine tower and foundation systems: optimization approach Three essays on the customer satisfaction-customerContinue reading “IRO January 2015 usage”

IRO December 2014 Usage

While their total downloads was not the highest in IRO, these items had the greatest percentage increase of use in December compared with November. Compulsory Homosexuality and Black Masculine Performance Massacre of the innocents: poems ACT process measures : specificity and incremental value The Educational Weekly, Number 021, May 24, 1877 Class Struggle at theContinue reading “IRO December 2014 Usage”

IRO November 2014 Usage

We regularly look at usage information for Iowa Research Online. The software shows us the 10 items receiving the most downloads overall (total use is averaged out across how long the item has been publicly (freely) available), which allows new items to enter the top ten. However, this list tends to remain similar from month to monthContinue reading “IRO November 2014 Usage”