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Neural Network Poetry

As you may know, April is national poetry month, an annual series of events by the Academy of American Poets to help support the appreciation of American poetry. If you’re looking for great book-length collections of poems, you might be interested in the Iowa Poetry Prize winners. Many of the previous years’ winners are madeContinue reading “Neural Network Poetry”

Subreddit Algebra

Yesterday, FiveThirtyEight featured a fantastic article by Trevor Martin, a Ph.D student in Computational Biology at Stanford University. Martin’s piece, Dissecting Trump’s Most Rabid Online Following, looked at the toxic communities surrounding Donald Trump, notably r/The_Donald, by using a machine learning technique called latent semantic analysis. LSA uses words and concepts from two sets of documentsContinue reading “Subreddit Algebra”

The DIY History transcription API

Since the launch of the Civil War Diaries & Transcription Project, the goal of DIY History has been to promote the University of Iowa Libraries digital collections. Part of this mission includes making the trove of transcriptions from handwritten diaries, manuscripts, and letters widely available to researchers for use in their work. At the timeContinue reading “The DIY History transcription API”