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Keith/Albee Vaudeville Collection in DIY History!

The University of Iowa Libraries presents a wonderful and exciting opportunity for one and for all: The Keith/Albee Vaudeville Theater Collection in glorious DIY History! Now you too can step right up and take part in transcribing these exciting behind-the-scenes reports! The first 24 books in the Keith/Albee collection, totaling 7,774 images, are now availableContinue reading “Keith/Albee Vaudeville Collection in DIY History!”

Keith/Albee Collection Update!

Some new changes have come to the Keith/Albee Vaudeville Collection project since we have last updated.  Read more about the project here and here. Candida Pagan joined the Preservation/Conservation department in December last year as Keith/Albee Project Conservator.  Candida holds an MFA in Book Arts from the University of Iowa Center for the Book andContinue reading “Keith/Albee Collection Update!”

Preservation & Conservation Welcomes New Equipment!

  Earlier this month, Preservation & Conservation welcomed a new addition to our family: this lovely new digital image capture system from Digital Transitions!  This equipment will be essential in undertaking one of our most ambitious projects yet, the digitization of the 150 scrapbooks in the Keith/Albee Collection. While our previous overhead scanner, the Zeutschel, has beenContinue reading “Preservation & Conservation Welcomes New Equipment!”