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Maximizing Poster Space

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blog IMG_0897 I have a cool tip that I thought I’d pass along. Last week we decided to take a poster to the American Library Association preservation section meeting describing how the flood and other recent events have impacted our department. Hauling a poster through the airport and onto an airplane is no picnic. I decided that the poster needed to fit in my suitcase (14″ x 20″) for hassle free transport. As you can image this makes for small pictures and text.

Preservation Assistant Bill Voss devised a way to maximize the small space so we could have larger Blog IMG_0905 photographs and text. I’m not sure which was more interesting to our audience — the message or the poster design!

Bill took the printouts of the images and text and mounted them on folded thin board. He added velcro dots to hold the folded board and mounted the board to the poster. Everything opens up and tucks inside the folded poster. When ready to display, just fold the boards against the velcro and voila! An attractive, interesting poster.

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