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Art Books To Campus Freezer

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Once the art books were safely stashed in the freezer truck, we began looking for on campus freezers. We found one in Macbride Hall — a nice sized walk in freezer. We were able to get all but 50 boxes into the freezer.

As Rijn and I were brainstorming how to squeeze the final 50 boxes into the freezer, Cindy Opitz stopped by and asked us if we needed any more freezer space. Her department, right around the corner, has a walk in freezer, too! Problem solved. The final group will go to her freezer on Thursday.

All our books will be in the same building, just a couple blocks away from the Main Library. It will be easy to pick up a few boxes every couple weeks to put new books into the freeze dryer as we pull dry ones out.

It was refreshing to see such a simple freezer monitoring device after the day and half training on the book freeze dryer controls.