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Making progress with LP covers

Monday, February 2, 2009

The process we have been using to clean and prepare the LP covers to be rehoused with their respective 33 1/3s has turned out to have a lot more steps than we thought. We have been removing the image from flood saturated cardboard which is warped, discolored, and in some cases has a strong flood-ooze odor.

The moisture introduced during the cleaning process can warp the already warped paper and it is necessary to flatten each image. To do this, even more moisture is added in the form of misting water from a sprayer to the back side of each image. This relaxes the paper which is then put in between blotter paper and pressed in a large nipping press. The blotter paper absorbs the excess moisture and the pressure of the press flattens the images. I have been doing these in batches since it is possible to put a large stack in the press at one time. 

Though this is a lengthy process it is necessary to bring the covers as close to the original condition as possible. These images are inserted into a polyethylene sleeve along with a three flap enclosure to hold the record. 

Not all of the covers have been so cooperative. Some are so soundly adhered to the cardboard that it needs to be peeled off from the back. We are still working out the most efficient way to do this. Now that we have a system sketched out it will start going more quickly.  It’s satisfying to see a box of finished covers put together. We’re definitely making progress!