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Training Under Helen Alten

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

After the pretty drive over to Illinois, Caitlin and I unpacked the car–a load of baskets, the clay from George Washington Carver, some metal objects, a few gourds and some supplies Helen had recommended we bring.  Although it was almost dinner time, Helen thought we should dive into some training, and then reward ourselves with dinner out. 

Helen went over the “levels of cleaning” and demonstrated on one of the baskets.  She had clipped an end from a disposable dropper and attached it to the end of the Nilfisk vacuum hose, which resulted in finer suction. Helen also
introduced us to the PVOH sponge. It was an immediate hit; the sponge took up quite a lot of grime from one of the gourds we brought. After the intro lesson, Helen then showed us the wonder of sauerkraut as a pizza topping.