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How to Restore LPs, DVDs, CDs Video Debuts

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 

The Gazette was really fast in getting this video posted. It looks pretty good. Bill Voss and Elizabeth Stone did a great job demonstrating how to clean the discs.

We continue to make progress on flood recovery efforts. Bryan Stusse has about 1/2 of the Czech LPs inventory completed. Kristin has most of the monitoring sites for book moisture content established and logged in first reading. We’ll take the readings once a week (unless we see a problem) until the Main Library HVAC system is 100% funtional. We have the book cases ordered for staff in the basement. Caitlin and Beth did a box and a half of 78s. They found interesting mold on some of the 78s. They can clean the 78s in half the time as the LPs which is good since there are twice as many. They are trying to figure out how to hang more.

I spent most of the day trying to figure out contract language, pricing, and work flow. How do we keep work flowing consistently enough so I can keep Caitlin on staff and actually pay Beth? The books and documents might not come back from the freeze drying process for several months. We’ll need to wait until David determines which LPs he can replace and which ones we need to restore before we can do any additional work on the LPs. It’s a challenge.

When I got home, I heard a beeping sound coming from my closet. Closer investigation determined the sound was coming from my dance shoe bag. For some unknown reason, I stuck my cell phone in my shoe bag last night! The message on my cell phone was an invitation to join the Governor’s Rebuild Iowa Taskforce on Record Retention. First meeting next Wednesday.

I finished my day with a great dance lesson. We worked on fox trot and tango.