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Dumbwaiter and Phone Bill

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our morning newspaper reminded us that the flood happened a month ago today. It seems like yesterday and also months ago.

My binding supervisor called letting me know that she has been getting sick everyday she comes to work but thinks she has it figured out. Right near her desk is a little dumbwaiter that was used a long time ago to bring books up and down. This little area was never cleaned out. Probably has a ton of mold and other ucky stuff in it. I called our facilities manager, Gary Grout. He got right on it. The area was cleaned out by BMS CAT by early afternoon. Gary told me that during the early days of cleaning out the UI Main Library, everyone said we need to remember this little room. Then everyone forgot about it later. Now I don’t feel quite so bad for forgetting about the bubble wrapped items. We all said we need to remember to do this and then we all forgot. It’s really hard to keep all the details up front and moving forward.

After the phone call, I started back to work on my email. (The never ending email.) I found an urgent email from my cell phone company, stating that I had a $410 bill!!! Ouch! I wasted no time in calling Verizon to see about changing my plan since I see no end to cell phone calls. As soon as I mentioned “flood,” they started working with me to reduce my bill. My “overage” got whittled down to $30. Whew, what a relief.

We’re slowly getting back on track with our home life. Did lots of laundry and some cleaning.

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