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Flood Alert!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Linn County and the City of Cedar Rapids have jointly issued a flood alert for properties located along the Cedar River.  According to the county, the river will experience a record flood crest on Wednesday afternoon or evening at about 21.5 feet.  Previous crests in 1929 at 20 feet, in 1961 at 19.6 feet, and 1993 at 19.3 feet may be eclipsed by this flood. The city of Cedar Rapids, Linn County, and the Linn County Emergency Management Agency are working together to address the seriousness of this threat.  Please take all necessary precautions.

The University put out a call for assistance with sandbagging efforts. Several  UI Libraries staff assist.  An announcement is sent out “The University of Iowa has suspended normal activities on the arts campus due to anticipated flooding. University officials are making plans to temporarily relocate offices in all buildings along the west bank of the Iowa River including Hancher Auditorium, Voxman Music Building and Clapp Recital Hall, the Theatre Building, the Museum of Art, the Art Building and Art Building West.”