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UpToDate available on or off campus

Upup to date graphicToDate is provided as a clinical resource by the Hardin Library.  You may use UpToDate both on or off-campus.  Access the library’s subscription here:  http://purl.lib.uiowa.edu/uptodate .

For questions about this or any of the library’s resources, contact your liaison.





Notes from the John Martin Rare Book Room, June 2012

rbr newsletter 2012 6

Sir THOMAS BROWNE (1605-1682). A true and full coppy of that which was most imperfectly and Surreptitiously printed before under the name of Religio Medici. [London]: 1643.

Browne was not only a noted physician, but one of the great English writers and philosophers of the 17th century. His works deal more with moral and philosophical issues than medicine, as in this, his masterpiece and most popular work. In the book he sets forth his personal religious philosophy and the tenets by which he lived. Browne’s simple and concise essays were widely read, commented upon, and criticized. His book has deeply influenced many individuals and retains its appeal even after three centuries. This first authorized edition contains the curious allegorical engraving by William Marshall which depicts a man falling headfirst into the sea from the rock of faith. A hand emerging from nearby clouds catches him by the arm and saves him from the sea.


American FactFinder

American FactFinder provides access to the population, housing and economic data collected by the Census Bureau.  You can find information from the 2000 and 2010 Census, American Community Surveys (ACS), Population Estimates and the Economic Census and Surveys. Some of the data from these programs may not be available for rural communities.  Information on Puerto Rico is also available in Spanish.

Searches can be done by:



Race & Ethic Groups

Industry Codes

To start searching American FactFinder, go to http://factfinder2.census.gov/faces/nav/jsf/pages/index.xhtml


Watch President Obama’s speech streamed today

Didn’t get a ticket to see the speech today at the Fieldhouse?  It’s not too late!

The Hardin Library will stream the speech live in the Information Commons East, beginning at 1:20pm.



April is National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is held in April every year to celebrate poetry in American Culture.  Hardin Library has 30 poems available throughout public spaces.  This year’s poems were selected by Brett Mayfield, a Hardin Library student employee and English major.

national poetry month poster

The Red Wheelbarrow
by William Carlos Williams
so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

Happy National Library Week!

As you may know, this week is National Library Week and today is Library Worker’s Day (April 10, 2012). In celebration, a poster has been placed on our exhibit board in appreciation of everyone that works at Hardin.

In addition, we will be having a little guessing game for library patrons. At the 3rd floor desk, I’ve placed a little iced tea/lemonade jug with a bunch of M&M’s. The amount of M&M’s in that jug is approximately equal to the amount of people who visited Hardin Library on April 2, 2012. If you can guess that amount, you will win the jug of M&M’s. To participate, write your name, email address and best guess on a slip of paper and place it in the box next to the jug.  We’ll announce the winner on Monday, April 16th. Good Luck!

National Library Week Poster


National Public Health Week

State, local and federal health officials from across the county unite this week to celebrate National Public Health Week (April 2-8), an annual health observance aimed at educating the public, policy-makers and the public health community about critical public health challenges facing the nation.

To learn more go to http://www.nphw.org/tools-and-tips/themes/communicable-diseases


Happy National Doctor’s Day!

Today, March 30, is National Doctor’s Day. This is a day when for all of us to take some time to thank the hard working physicians that keep us healthy and work to heal us when we are sick and injured.

Happy National Doctor's Day from Hardin Library

If you’d like to learn more, see http://www.doctorsday.org/


Get to know Donna Hirst, Curator of the John Martin Rare Book Room

Donna Hirst was recently featured in IowaNow.
Read more about Donna: http://now.uiowa.edu/2012/03/get-to-know-donna-hirst

picture of Donna Hirst in rare book room

photo by Tim Schoon


Notes from the John Martin Rare Book Room, February 2012

MOTONORI TAKI (1732-1801). Kokei saikyuho [Emergency remedies for the benefit of the people]. 1789.

The author was a court physician famous in the annals of Japanese medicine. He was also known as Rankei Taki and Gentoku Tamba, combinations of his professional and personal names. Taki prepared this early Japanese home medical adviser at the request of the shogun Iyeharu in order to help disseminate medical knowledge among the common people. The three-volume set contains information on how to remedy maladies of various kinds and meet emergencies without the help of a physician. The work is illustrated with more than one hundred and thirty woodcuts of plants, animals, fish, and insects with medicinal uses, as well as illustrations of acupuncture sites, methods of reducing fractures, anatomical details, etc.