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NIH Public Access Compliance: Working with NCBI My Bibliography and Progress Reports

Do you have NIH-funded grants?  If so, this session, taught by Oliva Smith of the UI Office of Research, will show you how to use the NCBI My Bibliography module to manage citations of NIH-supported research publications, as well as look at how it is used in NIH RPPR electronic progress reports, as well as progress reports submitted on paper.

This session will be held in Hardin Information Commons West on Monday, March 10, 2014, 1:00-2:30 p.m.  To register, email Oliva Smith at oliva-smith@uiowa.edu.


Kudos to UI Libraries & Hardin Library’s Responsive Websites

Linda Roth (of Library Information Technology), Shane Wallace and Eric Rumsey (both from Hardin Library) had an article published in Journal of the Medical Library Association recently:

Responsive web design for an academic health sciences library website

Much of the credit for the article is due to the pioneering work in responsive design that Linda has been implementing on the UI Libraries’ and Hardin Library’s website. At the time that Eric was asked to contribute the article in February, Hardin was the only medical/health sciences website that used responsive design.

Thank you, Linda, for making us all look good!


Nuclear Neighborhoods Exhibit at Hardin Library

Logo for nuclear neighborhoodsDeveloped by Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility (I-PSR), Nuclear Neighborhoods is a group of exhibits on display during the month of August at Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, the Iowa City Public Library, and the Solon Public Library, and at the Iowa Memorial Union during September.

The Nuclear Neighborhoods exhibits trace nuclear energy’s legacy, both as a weapon and as an industry.  For more information about the exhibits, please see http://www.psriowa.org/ .

The Nuclear Neighborhoods project includes public lectures and film screenings held at the Iowa City Public Library, 123 S. Linn Street.


Under Evaluation: Henry Stewart Talks Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection

The Henry Stewart Talks Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection provides immediate access to over 1500 online seminar-style talks containing the latest research and developments as well as the fundamentals, presented by the world’s leading experts, including a number of Nobel Laureates.

Our trial continues through December 2012.  Please send any comments on this resource to Janna Lawrence.


Permanent Exhibit Honors Dr. Hardin

A permanent exhibit honoring Dr. Robert C. Hardin, for whom the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences is named, is now on display near the Library’s 3rd floor entrance.  In addition to performing pioneering research in blood banking and transfusion and in diabetes, Dr. Hardin was instrumental in the current design of the University of Iowa’s health sciences campus.

In addition to the exhibit, more information about Dr. Hardin is available here.picture of Dr. Hardin


AMAG Card Needed for Access to 24-hour Study

Your university ID card will no longer allow access to Hardin’s 24-hour study.  The new security system requires an AMAG card, a white plastic card about the size of a credit card.

If you plan to use the 24-hour study, please stop by the 3rd floor Information Desk to apply for access.   If you already have an AMAG card for entrance to other buildings, access to the 24-hour study will be added to that card.  If you do not already have an AMAG card, one will be issued.  The process can take a few days, so please don’t wait until the last minute.

Please contact Linda Walton, Hardin Library Director, at linda-walton@uiowa.edu or 319-335-9873 if you have questions or concerns about the new AMAG security system.


24-hour Study Now Available Every Night

The 24-hour study is once again available every night, when the Library is closed.


Hardin Now Open but Still Under Construction

9/23/11:  The 3rd floor stacks are now open and accessible.  The 4th floor remains closed.  Materials needed from the 4th floor can be requested through InfoHawk, for office delivery or pick up at Hardin or another campus library.


9/8/11:  Hardin Library reopened  on Wednesday, August 17, at 7:30 a.m.  However, because renovations are ongoing, some areas are off limits to users and most staff.  Currently, off-limit areas are the 4th floor and the 3rd floor stacks.  The 24-hour study area is open (as of September 8).   The second floor Information Commons and classrooms are open.  The temporary library locations at MERF and the Pharmacy building are now closed.

Questions?  Give us a call at 335-9151 or email us at lib-hardin@uiowa.edu.



Hardin to Re-open on Wednesday, August 17

Although the renovations will probably not be completely done, Hardin Library will re-open on schedule, on Wednesday, August 17 at 7:30 a.m.  It is likely that the 24-hour study will not be accessible for the first week or so that we are back, but all other library services are expected to be available.

Thank you for your patience.  We look forward to seeing you in our “greener” and more ADA-compliant building!

If you have questions about the renovations or re-opening, you can contact Janna Lawrence at janna-lawrence@uiowa.edu.


More News about Hardin’s Summer Plans

As previously announced, the Hardin Library building will be closed this summer for renovations beginning Saturday, May 14, and reopening on Tuesday, August 17.  Staff have been busy planning how to provide service during this time.

  • Two temporary locations will be set up where library users can pick up materials and consult with staff.  One location will be in MERF (375 Newton Rd.) in the atrium, and will be open 7:30 am-6:00 pm Monday-Friday and 1:00-5:00 pm Sunday.  Simulation Center equipment will also be relocated to 1155  MERF and available Monday-Friday.  Much of the reserve book collection will be available at this location. Laptop checkouts are also available in the Sim Center-1155 MERF.
  • A second library location will be situated in the Pharmacy Building Computer Lab (115 South Grand Ave.).  That location will be open 7:30 am-5:00 pm, Monday-Friday. Computers and printing will be available to all users.
  • Library patrons will be able to request books from the Hardin collection using InfoHawk’s Request feature.  Because staff will only be able to enter the building once per day, it may take as long as two days for materials to be pulled.  Requested material can be delivered to offices via campus mail or can be picked up at one of the temporary locations or at another UI library.
  • Books checked out to faculty, graduate/professional students, and undergraduate honors students which are currently due in June 2011 will be automatically renewed until June 2012.   An email will be sent to users whose books are automatically renewed.  Please be aware that this only applies to books checked out from Hardin Library on long-term loans (due annually in June).

We’ll post more details as they become available.  If you have questions, contact Hardin Reference staff at 319-335-9150 or lib-hardin@uiowa.edu.