I commenced a letter to you yesterday evening

Joseph Culver Letter, June 5, 1864, Letter 2, Page 1Camp in the Field
Near Dallas Ga. 5 June 1864.
Dear Sister Mary:

I commenced a letter to you yesterday evening but a shower intervening prevented me finishing it. I must confess to some delinquincy in writing home of late: but will do better hereafter circumstances permitting. I am happy to have the privilege of acknowledging the receipt of another letter from you. Mother’s of the 20 may and yours of the 23, reached me at the same time – six days ago. It is needless to say they were very welcome. I saw Frank last Monday, and he let me read one or two of your late letters. Frank was quite well. The 129th have been in no engagements since then. As I was writing to you yesterday evening I said “the rebs are still lying intrenched before us”: but I can not write this now, for during the last night our honorable foe “sloped” and up to present writing (as the newspaper correspondents say) 10 oclock A.M.- nothing has been heard of them. I an unable to conjecture whether they will make a stand at Maryetta, or go still farther.

We will be in Atlanta, I think, by July 4th at the farthest. The news from the Potomac, so far as we get it, is encouraging. Our army here is being greatly strenghtened by reinforcements. As near as I can learn it numbers now all told, 200,000 effective men. This part of our [lines?] is already on the move toward Maryetta. We have just been ordered to hold our Battery in readiness to move at a moments notice. Sammy is well. He wrote to you day before yesterday. It has been raining all morning untill now. Weather here has been generally fine this spring.

Mollie, how do you pass your time now? Frank says you take lessons in music and mother says you help her to make [gardens?]. How do you progress with music? It is piana you are using, I suppose. I have a glee book here, but do not sing much, No one to sing with. If I were up home for a week or two I would bother you a great deal to sing for me. I have not had the pleasure of singing with a young lady once since leaving home. Write me often and tell me everything.

With love, Mary, I am
As ever
Your Affect. Brother
W.J. Murphy
Battery M 1st Ill. Arty.
2 Div. A.C.
Chattanooga Tenn.

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