I could not clear expenses at home so I am better off here, till business revives at the North

Joseph Culver Letter, June 13, 1865, Page 1Office Chief of Artillery, District of Middle Tennessee.
Nashville, Tenn., June 13th 1865.
My Dear Sister:

Yours of June 5th reached me a few days ago. I had heard before the arrival of your letter of my new niece, Maggie I hope is better by this time. I wrote her a few days ago.

“Why don’t I come home right away” you say, “if I can only make enough to clear expenses?” This is the reason – I could not clear expenses at home. So I am better off here, till business revives at the North. Next Spring I intend going into some business that will promise at least permanancy What that will be, I am not sure. Until that time I don’t know what I will be engaged in. I have made application for a military appointment, but can not expect to get it as there is now a great surplus of Officers in the Department (Adjutant General’s) to which I applied.

I begin to look for Battery “M” here. I think it will be along this week. I have not heard from it for some considerable time. I hope the boys will all get home before the 4th of July. What preparations are being for the celebration this year? Do you anticipate a “galorious” time. I presume it will be the grandest gala day America has ever seen. There will be wild rejoicing and deep bitter mourning.

I received a letter a few days since from Cousin Lizzie Donaldson and she siad the regiment in which her Brother James went out, was daily expected home and all of his Company were safe but him. He was the only man lost out of the Co. during the war. Lizzie and her mother have gone to Cambridge and Wheeling on a visit.

Find me Tom’s address, if you have it. I’ve lost track of the scamp entirely.

Write me very often, Mollie, and keep me posted in the particulars of the natural increase of population in that section.

With much love
Ever your aff. Brother
W J Murphy

No word from Frank yet.

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