I was somewhat surprised to hear of Sammy’s enlisting

Joseph Culver Letter, February 19, 1864, Page 1In Camp at Loudon Tenn.
19 February 1864
Brother Frank:

Your favor of 1st inst containing letters from mother, Sammy, Brucker and Grunbaum was received three days ago. It was a very interesting package. I had not heard from home in a longtime. I was somewhat surprised to hear of Sammy’s enlisting. I knew he wanted to come into the army – he has often told me so, but I never gave him any encouragement. Once, when asked by him what he had better do with regard to entering the service, I told him to go to school two or three years, and then if necesity required it, to go into the army. I had hoped that he would be spared the evil influence incident to camp life. But it may do him good. I shall be very glad to see him. Since the receipt of your letters, I have learned that the order for you to march to Bridgeport, was countermanded: you may still be in Nashville. My valise has reached Chattanooga, and I shall get it in a few days. If you see Sammy, as he comes to the Battery, tell him that some of our men are still in Chattanooga in charge of some ordnance stores left there, and that he can find them by following the railroad from fort Negley to fort Wood. They are midway between.

I am disappointed not to see Mary before she went home. One section of our Battery moved out night before last with a Brigade of infantry. I have not yet learned where they went. I am very busy now: this is the first letter I have written in more than a week. I must write to mother tonight. How do you like your new position as A.D.C.? I think it will suit you better than a line office. I hope you will rise still higher in position, and that you may continue to fill every position with honor to the country and credit to yourself.

How is it with your soul, Frank? Are you prospering spiritually? I am not doing very well now. The circumstances with which I am surrounded are very untoward. I would much like to see you tonight. But can not write more.

Write me soon and often.

Your Brother W J Murphy
Battery M 1st Ill. Artillery
3 Brig. 2 Div. H. A. C.
Louden Tenn.

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