Jonnie is no better but constantly growing weaker

Joseph Culver Letter, October 18, 1862, Page 1Pontiac Ill. Oct 18th 1862

My Dear Frank

I am still at Mothers Jonnie is no better but constantly growing weaker We fear that his days are few on earth Dr. Capran still attends him We have sent for Sammy and if he continues to grow worse Thomas must come home too I never saw any one grow so weak and so poor in so short a time he is nothing but skin and bone If our worst fears are realized is there any possibility of our recalling you? Still we hope for the best and trust in God I cant think that he will die

Yesterday we attended the funeral of Rebbecca Reed You remember her she used to take a good deal of care of Dr. Caprans baby She died with Diptheria, & was only sick three days two of Mrs Boyer’s children have it & it is said that Mrs Lee has had it but they did not know it was that until after she recovered. I do hope it will not spread any farther

C.N. Bennet appeard at church yesterday with his bride she is Reuben Macy’s daughter about 20 yrs. old how could she marry him

Baby has gained 1/2 a pound every week he weighed 10 1/2 pounds saturday Mother says if he eats as much accordingly when he gets to be 3 or 4 yrs old as he does now that we cant support him I received two letters from you saturday I also got the one that was in your trunk We found Capt. Perry’s picture there did you mean to send it home I did not notice whether there were any more or not. I think now Dear Frank that if I can get a good tenant that I will rent our home I dont believe Mother can get along without Sammy if he comes home, I could get along day times well enough alone but when I am awake so much with baby at night the loneliness seems almost intolerable Of course I should not expect any body to be awake but simply the thought of no one being in the house but Lis & I brings all sorts of fancies into my head and I find it almost impossible to get to sleep again Dont you think that Mr. and Mrs. McCleary would be pleasant ones to take in I rather think they would come there are such poor accomadations where they are now. Mr. Taylor went to Cairo last week and brought back with him 30 or 40 contrabands men women and children Mr. Ladd has taken a family Mr. Strevell Mr. Earl Mr Hill Mr Petty and a number of others they are having a great time about them Some of the citizens threaten to mob Taylor if he does not send them all back, alot of the Irish got after Mr. Ladds man and ran him out of town yesterday morning, threatening to kill him if he did not leave immediately Mother Maggie & Leander all send love Leander says he will write the first opportunity he is very busy getting in his hay May God ever bless and keep you safe in the midst of all danger Good by for the present Ever your Aff. Wife

Mary M. C.

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