I feel anxious about you and hope you keep right well

Joseph Culver Letter, August 20, 1864, Letter 2, Page 1My Dear Mary,

Your letter was received a day or two before we left home and as it was commencement week and I had a house full of visitors I could not reply before we left. We were gone six weeks and moving about so constantly that I did not have any time to write then, so you must please pardon the delay. I feel anxious about you and hope you keep right well- We had a very pleasant vacation so far. There has been a great deal of commotion & excitement herebut we escaped it There are but few houses in town which has carpet on the floors, all are sent off. There is a rumor again afloat of a return of the raiders yet I hope it is not correct I am so sick of it all. The burning of Chambersburg just 30 miles above fills us with much more dread. I often wish I was farther north- We are all fairly well my baby is rather more troublesome than usual particularly at night which makes me feel weary He still [grows?] and says papa & mamma quite distinctly I still have plenty of nourishment for him and hope he will live I try to leave him in God’s hands He will do all things well.

Mrs. Green who was visiting next door when you were here and who thought so much of your little angel boy was here this week again she said she felt so badly to hear of his death it affected her so much as if she had a claim on him She says she never loved a child as she did him I do hope it will be Gods will to give you another one to fill the void. Anna Good was in this week she looks quite motherly she expects to be confined in Oct.

Mollie (Wes’s wife) is progressing too but I do not know her time. She will not admit it and I should not be suprised she was in her sixth month [Bessie?] has not named her boy yet I dont know what she is waiting on The friends are all well or were a day or two ago I want to visit among them all next week if I can. The farms are to be sold on Thursday of next week . Mr [Penny?] of California a brother of James’ wife was here this week. He gave us the the particulars of James death He was very unwilling to die and hoped to get well until a half hour before he died. I want to write some in Harrys letter to Joe so you must please pardon brevity Write very soon or if you are not able get some one to tell us how you get along I pray that all may be well You are in Gods hands in much love I am

Ever your sister

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