Yours of the 4th and 17th just came to hand

Joseph Culver Letter, July 26, 1864, Page 5

[July 26, 1864]

Dear Mary

Yours of the 4th & 17th just came to hand. Jim Rawlins has just left here, and he says Sammy was sent to the Hospital to-day. I am happy to know that you are so well.

In haste,

J. F. Culver


[The above note probably was transmitted with J.F.C.’s “Names of Killed and Wounded in the 129th Ills. before Atlanta, July 20, 1864,” a list of casualties arranged by company with a statistical summary.]


Killed: 12


Officers 3

E. Men 49

Total 52


[At the end of the list, J.F.C. penned this instruction:]

You can lend this to M. E. Collins if he wishes to publish it [in the Pontiac “Sentinel”], but I would like this Copy preserved.

J. F. Culver

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