I received yours of 12th ult. at Kingston and was glad to hear from you

Joseph Culver Letter, June 2, 1864, Page 1Camp in the field near Dalis Ga.
3rd of June 1864
Dear Sister Mary

I received yours of 12th ult. at Kingston and was glad to hear from you. I did not received the one you directed to Springfd for me We staid at Kingston 3 or 4 days. and I saw Frank several times. the 129th are on our right now but as we are in the line of battle and do not know when we may get into a muss. I cant leave to go over there. There is only 1 section of the Battery in position at this point. the other two are about 1 1/2 miles to the left, Jack is with them and I have not seen him for three or four days.

The weather been very warm and sultry lately, but yesterday we had two or three good showers, which has cooled the air very much and to day it is quite comfortable.

We are in the woods here and can not see the “Rebs” untill you are right onto them. But we soon find out that we are not over 100 miles from them if we show ourselves above the breastworks by a friendly “whiz” it is not over 400 yards to their breastworks. We have not been pushing them any lately and it is the opinion here that we will not untill Grant is heard from again. We have not anything from him lately.

I must say that was queer onion seed that you sent. It is powder. I put it into a shell and sent it with your respects to “Jonnie Reb”.

I received a letter from Thos. a few days ago. He was well I do not know of anything more that would interest you I had some photographs taken in Springfield and they never reached me I wrote about them some time ago and expect to have some more soon Write as soon as you receive this. I had to borrow this paper to write on as I had to put my knapsack in the waggon and it is in the rear we had to leave all our things except blankets untill this campaign is over, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t here from me regularly. Is H. Thayer in Pontiac yet. I wonder if he received my letter,

As ever your Bro

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