I would have written to you as soon as I got yours but I expected to leave here soon

Joseph Culver Letter, March 22, 1864, Page 1Camp Yates Springfield
March 22nd, 1864
Dear Sister Mary

Yours of the 2nd inst I received in due season and was glad to hear from you. I would have written to you as soon as I got it but I expected to leave here soon and thought I wait and write when I got to another place They have sent away the Inft and Cav. recruits and I think the Art will leave soon, but I have thought so for some time. I am the only one for Battery “M” that is here and I would rather be with it than here. Have you heard from Jack lately. I have not received a letter from him for about four months. I am not sure that I will stay here this week, but may possibly and I wish you would send any letters that are at Pontiac for me. I have not received but one letter since I enlisted and that was yours. I would be a treat if I could receive a bundle of them this week.

The weather has been cold here for a few days past, but it is getting warmer now and begins to look like spring. I suppose it is quite warm down in Dixie now. Camp Yates is situated one mile west of Springfield It is a pretty nice place for a camp. and we have good water The Governors mansion is just a little way from camp as my knee does not make a very good writing desk I will close for the present Write by return mail. and address.

S.A. Murphy
Battery “M” 1st Ill Art.
Camp Yates.
Springfield Ills.

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