I am sorry to hear that you are suffering with Neuralgia

Joseph Culver Letter, March 13, 1864, Page 1

Head Qurs., 1st Brig., 1st Div., 11th A.C.
Lookout Valley, March 13th 18641
My Dear Wife

I recd. two letters from you this morning dated the 3rd & 4th of March.2 I am sorry to hear that you are suffering with Neuralgia, for, if it is anything like I had at Nashville, it places you in a most uncomfortable position. I am much obliged for the copy of the Song sent me.3

I cannot answer your letters at length this morning, though it is Sabbath and the day very fine, yet I have a large amount of business that must be attended to immediately. I may possibly find time to write this afternoon, but the mail goes out at 12 M.

We recd. a letter from [Jim] Mitchell this morning. He started back, but, by an accident on the Rail-Road at Columbia, Ind. he was very seriously injured and may not be here for weeks.4 Some 8 or 10 were killed in the same car & a great many injured. I shall have no opportunity to try for a leave until he returns. My health is good, though I feel very tired being so constantly at the Desk. I will make an effort to get some help to-morrow; I want to visit Lookout point as soon as I can. Give my love to all. May God bless & keep you.

Your Affect. Husband
J. F. Culver

  1. Harrison’s brigade marched to Bridgeport on March 7, remained there one day, and crossed the Tennessee River pontoon bridge on the 9th. At noon on the 10th, the brigade halted at Whiteside Station and at dusk camped in Lookout Valley, where Colonel Harrison reported to General Howard, commander of the XI Corps. The day’s march had been through rugged terrain and a number of mules had died. The next day the brigade moved a short distance to a better camp site. Grunert, History of the 129th Illinois, pp. 47-48. []
  2. Mary Culver’s letters of March 3 & 4 are missing from the Culver Collection. []
  3. Mary Culver, as requested on February 12, had forwarded a copy of “Mother Dear, Oh! Pray for Me.” []
  4. Lieutenant Mitchell had been injured on March 8, when several cars of the Indianapolis & Jeffersonville Railroad had jumped the track. His injuries consisted of a severely sprained ankle, fractured ribs, and internal injuries. Dr. S. Davis of the 10th Indiana Infantry certified that Mitchell would be unfit for duty for at least four weeks. Compiled Service Records of Union Soldiers, NA. []

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