We are very glad to hear that you have not been sent to the front

Joseph Culver Letter, February 20, 1864, Page 1Carlisle Feb. 20th 1864
Dear Bro. Frank,

Yours of the 14th has been received, and we are very glad too hear that you have not been sent to the front, that is the place of honor, but also of danger, and we feel anxious that you may be as little exposed as possible, and be spared to Mary. I wonder not that you often recall the scenes of the past, when you & Mary were comfortably fixed in your own home, where joy reigned supreme; for there is no place like home, where love prompts every act, and perfumes the very air where our little ones in anticipation of reality nestle in our arms or play at our feet. May God grant unto you soon a return of those joys, for He has blessed you with a wife who is eminently qualified to make your home a happy one.

Mother received your letter also one from Mary and will foreward Mary’s clothes &c. on Monday or Tuesday she has written to Mary to that effect. Jennie sent a letter to Mary this afternoon. Mary endeared her self to us very much while here, and we feel very deeply for her in her affliction and her separation from you, and would fain throw a ray of joy around her to cheer her in her loneliness. I hope she may be privileged to return and spend the Spring and Summer with you. I was at our babes & Frankie’s graves last Sabbath the sprigs of green which Mary placed at the head of the graves are still there, the flowers have faded fit emblem of their lives beautiful but fleeting, their immortal spirits now bloom in perpetual youth. Death has again entered my family a sister mourns the death of her youngest child aged 6 or 8 months. My father is worse I scarcely expect to see him again alive, but hope to meet him again on the bright shores of our Heavenly Home. We heard from Hanna this evening she seems to be much pleased with the School she is right well. Mother seems more cheerful and contented than she did before Hanna left. I saw Gustie & John Miller to day their families were well. I saw Lizzie a week ago all were well then. Jennie and Marvin are pretty well, they both have colds. My health is better than it has been for some weeks. Dr. Johnson is engaged in an effort to increase the College Endowment $100.000 his prospects are very good.

“May angels guard thee”
Your Brother
H.C. Cheston

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