Father has rested better last night than for a week previous but still is sinking

Joseph Culver Letter, November 23, 1863, Page 1Monday Morn. Nov. 23.

Dearest Brother:

Father has rested better last night than for a week previous but still is sinking. His voice is quite strong however and his mind perfectly clear and calm. Twice on Saturday and yesterday he called us around him thinking he was dying. At times he suffers the most excruciating pain but they have been less frequent yesterday & last night. It gives him pain to talk so he generally lies very still The family all gather home almost every day All are priviledged to be here but Bro James & yourself. How often I wish you were differently situated but you as well as we must try and submit. If it only pleases God to not let him suffer so much, still we try to say. “Thy will be done.” Wes’s wife is quite ill She has inflamitary Rheumatisim You can tell from experience what she suffers, & has no one to take care of her or the children but Wes himself

Truely we can say missfortunes never come singly. Our friends are very kind however and there is always some one here. We have not heard from you for a long time. I will try and write a little every day. Mary will write when you have not time I know I hope she is safe with you. With much love I remain

Sister Hanna

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