Perhaps something will turn up in our favor

Joseph Culver Letter, September 27, 1863, Page 1Carlisle Penn Sept [25?] 1863

My Dear Husband

Yours of Aug. 27 & 28 I received tonight, also one from Bro Jonnie. I am so much disappointed to hear that there is so little prospect of your getting home I cannot give it up yet perhaps something will turn up in our favor Is there any difficulty now about ladies getting passes at Louisville. You have not told me if the women of the 129th went home or to Nashville, I am very glad to know that Mrs Smith is so far recovered as to be able to travel Do they hope for her entire recovery? Father is very poorly tonight, has suffered intensely all day. The Dr. told Jennie that with the fall of the leaves he would probably pass away, though he might live much longer.

Kate Hanna & Charley are sitting around the table variously employed. Kate is teasing Hanna about always wanting “[?]” and wearing a “Hood” She has just had company Some of the students were here with Harry last evening and some tonight Frankie is better today than he has been for some time past. In your next letter tell me if you can, something more definite about my coming to you I am all impatience Good night Thursday Eve. I closed in haste last evening & will try to finish now Father is no better but rather worse today He cannot eat anything at all & of course he grows weaker Kate is here yet. Frankie continues better but is very fretful he occupies my time entirely when he is not asleep and I cannot bear to go away & leave him for Mother or Hanna to see to when they have so much to do consequently I have been about but very little I went down town with Mother this morning to help do a little shopping Wes. & little Willie was up this afternoon Wes expects to report to Washington soon He is quite lame yet & Mother thinks he never will entirely recover the use of his ancle.

You say you are very anxious to know how I like Carlisle & your folks. As much & many as I have seen I like very much but you must wait till I become better acquainted before I tell you farther. The ruins of the Barracks are plainly to be seen from my window & it looks quite natural to see the white tents of the soldiers clustered around them Kate & Harry sketched it all yesterday I sent to Remick for $25 before I left N.H. as I told you in a former letter & it came just before I left I forgot to mention the receipt of it I thought that with that I should have enough to carry me home but if I stay here long shall not have enough Mother & the rest insist on my staying till Spring unless I go to you but I hardly think I shall stay that long “When shall we meet again?” I think it so often Frankie has four teeth with two others just ready to come through What do you do for preaching now & will you have another Chaplain? I should be glad to hear of your preaching, but I know it is a hard task when you have so many others duties to perform. Good bye May the Comforter ever be with you to guide & bless in every hour of temptation & trial. I hope to hear from you to morrow. Frankie sends a kiss to papa I will save mine for fear it be lost on the way. Accept much love from us both. Remember me kindly to all who inquire for your Wife


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