We had rather a gloomy night of it on picket

Joseph Culver Letter, September 16, 1863, Page 1

Head Qrs. Co. “A” 129th Regt. Ills. Vol. Intry.
Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 16th 1863

My Dear Wife

I rather expected to be greeted on my return this morning with a letter but was disappointed. We had rather a gloomy night of it on picket. It rained very hard & the lightning & thunder was terrific. One house in the vicinity of Camp was struck, but I have heard of no further accident. Nearly all the tents were blown down & many of our things spoiled. My health is quite good.

I met [Lt.] Smith this morning for the first time since his return & have been trying to gather news from Pontiac, the most that I learn is that all our friends are well. I fear the people have almost forgotten us. They seem to be very intent upon all matters of business & politics. They may be suddenly awakened some of these days. I shall try & write this evening at length, for the present I must close.

Give my love to all & a kiss to Frankie. Hoping that Our Father in Heaven will keep you,

I am, as ever,

Your Affect. Husband
J. F. Culver

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