I went to church to day with Hanna & Wes’ wife

Joseph Culver Letter, September 6, 1863, Page 1Carlisle Iowa Sept 6 1863

My Dear Husband

I received no saturday letter yesterday I expect it will come tomorrow. I went to church to day with Hanna & Wes’ wife It was communion service & I enjoyed it very much The minister Mr. Brock reminds me very much of Mr. Pierce of Pontiac He was assisted by an aged local preacher I have forgotten his name but I presume you know him he lives in this place I did not get out this evening Hanna says there were four probationers received into the church tonight I saw Charlotte & Mary Postlewaite but was not introduced to them something seemed to please Mary exceedingly she laughed & whispered a great deal It is rumored that they are both to be married, Charlotte to a gentleman from Baltimore at the Holidays & Mary to some one who lives here in town I have forgotten his name but he is a cripple was injured by the cars & his lower limbs are perfectly helpless I saw him today he was wheeling himself about in a chair made for the purpose Hanna says he is a smart man but doubts much the report Did you know that Lucy Dunmire was married? Hanna says she wrote you about it last April but I think she must be mistaken as I heard nothing of it Fathers health continues about the same he has been quite easy tonight I hope it may continue [Beckie?] & her baby were down today. She is well. Mrs Calwell & Mrs Lynch were here last night I belive you have known them a long time Mrs Calwell is here on a visit expects to go back to California next month Jennie was telling me last night that among the rebels who made the raid into Cumberland Vally, was the gentleman to whom Kate was once engaged to be married. He was Chaplain of a Regiment Kate had a letter from Little Joe last week I think he is in North Carolina. Did Hudson bring your shirts I send you a Photograph It was taken just after I was able to get about & being very weary the expression of my countenance is anything intilligent I could do nothing with Frankie. He has lost his reputation entirely of being a goodnatured baby since he came to Carlisle Some days I hardly know what to do with him His mouth is very sore & I do not wonder that he is cross I wrote you a few days ago of the death of Mr Chestons [Brother?] His bride refused to be comforted & has lost her reason They think she will have to be removed to an asylum She has attempted to take her life several times You never told me if Luther Van Dorans body was recovered, Have you heard any thing from P. lately I think it strange you have not received a letter from Sarah yet

Good night
May God of Love watch o’er thee

Accept Love & kisses from wife & baby

Yours Ever
Mary M. Culver

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