Frankie has four teeth & a half

Joseph Culver Letter, September 4, 1863, Page 1Carlisle Sept 4th 1863

Dearest Husband

Your of August 30th I received to night It was welcomed as all your letters are with joy & gladness Frankie is entirely well of his Diarrhea but still so fretful. I discovered a larg ulcer on one of his gums today & I presume that is the cause of it. He has four teeth & a half. He does not try to talk much yet I think he tries to say Dag & Who, to a little horse which runs on wheels that [?] Williams gave him. He said Mama first & Papa quite often. He can walk some & runs from one person to another quite dextrously, seemingly very proud of his feats. I am quite well & enjoying myself very much, next week I spend with Jennie. They live on the street on which the College Chapel stands, a few doors above. Mothers time is wholly occupied with father. He was suffering a great deal this morning, but is better this afternoon, & walked out doors a few minutes. A new difficuly has arisen You probably know he has a rupture & has worn a Truss for the last ten years. The one he has been wearing does not help him now, & thus far they have found none which does him any good, Mother is alarmed about it.

Kate has been telling me incidents of her life & that of her brothers & sister. She says, Two boys were at the wood pile one says, “Wes I like to chop wood better than do any other kind of work dont you?” The reply “No sir I like Tomato pie a great deal better” Hanna has a great deal too much work to do for such a little body There are seven of a family beside so much company It makes me feel miserable to see her work so hard knowing that I add to her cares & not able to assist her any I hope though to have more time now if Frankie remains well Kate might help her but dont seem inclined She is a strange genius I forgot to tell you I was out to Daytown one day this week I must close now but will write again tomorrow & sunday The family all wish to be remembered to you Ever pray for your wife & baby I thank God always for giving me so true & noble a heart to lean upon May infinite Love & Mercy ever surround you in times of trial & danger I hear the band from the Barracks It sounds splendidly & reminds me of days gone by Good night

Ever your loving Wife
M M Culver

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