My Dear friend I received your kind letter, was glade to hear from you

Joseph Culver Letter, August 11, 1863, Page 1Tuesday afternoon
August 11th 1863

Mr. J. F. Culver

My Dear friend I received your kind letter, was glade to hear from you. It always gives me pleasure to hear from you. perhaps you think I do not mean that, Mr. Culver! but I really do! We have been having very warm weather here. it is very plesant to day I suppose you almost suffer with heat at your place. Mr. Russell says it is very warm down their, you must take good care of Mr. Russell do not keep him longer than one month, the young ladies of Pontiac will miss him very much you know he is quite a favorite among the ladies. Mr. Culver I cannot tell you who he is after, he goes with all of them, but I can tell you off great many that is after him if I thought best, you know he is a friend to every person. (I do not know wether it is him or his money) he talks considerably of a Miss Carrie perhaps you know her, what & who is she do not tell him that I said so? I wish you could come home soon for I expect to start to school soon if I can get Mother into the notion of leting me go back I wish you was here to help me coax I do want to go so badly I often think how I have wasted my time in by gone days if I had it to do over I think I should off done different for instance. I should of done my own examples written my own composition &c but now I am a going to improve my time, Father and Mother have bought Lida and myself a very nice Piano when you come home I will play you a waltz I believe all soldiers are fond of dancing at least we hear you are poor soldiers get it all around, Mr Culver they are in great distress about the Methodist church Mother wanted to know if you would try and help raise some money you have heard all about it before this time if you could only raise one hundred dollars, they are a going about the matter in great earnest I hope they will have good sucess!

Mother has been at Gardner a meeting for a viseting for a few days She came home to day, they have prayer meeting every sunday morning at five Oclock they get very happy sometimes so they say I have never been their yet it is rather early for me to go. I am a dreaming about that time I have no news to tell you I expect Mr Russell will tell you all of the news;

I am glad that Russell is going on one acc- for Mr Bond has not rested well since he has been here you would pity him if you could only see how bade he looks. he was asking Maggie this evening if Russell was a going to write. I hope you will excuse me for not writing more this time but I do not know what to write. I hope I will hear from you soon I would sooner see you than a letter, we all send our regards excuse all mistakes

your friend

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