Today I rec’d the letters brought by Seymour Bennet

Joseph Culver Letter, January 7, 1863, Page 1Pontiac Ill. Jan. 7th 1863

My Dear Husband

Today I rec’d the letters brought by Seymour Bennet. You may be sure I was happy to get them & I hope ere this some of mine have reached you As Bennet got through safely I presume Maples will start immediately I will see him tomorrow & ascertain I mailed you a letter yesterday. I told you there that baby & I are well I am still at Maggies & will probably go home saturday There are no new cases of Small Pox & we hope the worst is over There have been but three deaths One was Fred Foster the others I was not acquainted with one was an old man in the country & the other used to work for Morris Johnson he died in that little house where where Custer lived Jonnie has gone to Chicago I do not know how long he will stay, he has written for transportation & does not know why he does not get it the last letter he had from Capt Miller he offered him a discharge if it were proven that he was not able to go. He is anxious to be gone We are very busy preparing for the Christmas Tree I am knitting four pairs of mittens making half a dozen needlebacks half a dozen plum baskets & braiding a pair of slippers for Mr. Fisher Emma Mac, is making Mr. Strevells Mr. Benton is going to town & I must close

God bless you Accept much love from your wife & baby

Mary M Culver

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