I mailed you a letter yesterday, that makes the third this week

Joseph Culver Letter, December 27, 1862, Page 1Pontiac Ill. Dec. 27th 1862

My Dear Husband

Yours of the 22nd I rec’d this afternoon I mailed you a letter yesterday, that makes the third this week. After this I will mail as regularly as possible Monday Wednesday & Saturday In my letter of yesterday I enclosed one dollars worth of Postage stamps & a five dollar bill which I hope you will receive

I am truly sorry to hear of the danger to which you are exposed at the present time May God protect you in every time of danger. Simon Burker has returned on a furlough I have not seen him yet but hope to before he leaves, he goes next week. There is so much sickness I am afraid he will not enjoy his visit much We heard this morning that Augustus Groswell was not expected to live he was taken with the small pox before his father got well Minta Robinson has been quite sick with it but is now better also Ella Roberts Mr. Collins Mr. McCleery Miss Blanton & Mrs. Strevell. Mrs Strevell has had it very hard. I suppose this very damp weather has helped to spread it It rained incessantly Christmas day & today the river is higher than it was ever known before It has cleered off tonight & I hope will be pleasant to morrow Sunday Eve. I have spent this day much as I did last Sabbath I am at Maggie still but think I will go home to morrow

We have just been singing “There is an hour of peaceful rest” How soothing the words are I never appreciated good hymns as I do now. I think there was no Sabbath school this morning nor preaching either in the M. E. Church In the other church there were both but very poorly attended. How glad I am that I did not go to Michellsville If you had given me the least encouragement I would have started With her baby sick & trunks lost I dont see what Mrs. Blackhorn could do Probably if I had gone I would have been in the same situation Does Mr. Smith keep always well? I hope I shall hear from you very often I saw by the paper of yesterday that it was supposed the rebels were trying to cut off communication between Louisville & Nashville Do you think they can do it? If so what will become of our mail [matter?] the thought of it is heart sickening, but we will hope for the best. My last thought at night my husband & my first in the morning are of you & with those thoughts is prayer for your protection & I feel that you are praying for your wife & baby Hope is strong within me & I feel that our prayers will be answered May our lives henceforth be pure & more devoted to the honor & glory of our Redeemer Your own wife

Mary M Culver

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