Books Recently Returned: 5/18/2011

These books from the Business Library’s general collection have been loaned and recently returned. Books appear in order by call number. Readers can use the list to see which subjects are popular or used for research.

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Updated May 18, 2011

Title Author Call Number
The evolution of cooperation Axelrod, Robert M. BUS CRESV HM131 .A89 1984
The Practiced business writer : an ESL/EFL handbook Sardegna, Veronica G. BUS DESK Software 9609 CD-ROM
Who moved my cheese? : an amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life Johnson, Spencer. BUS LIB BF637.C4 J64 1998
Social software and Web 2.0 technology trends   BUS LIB FOLIO HD30.2 .S636 2009
Interactive forecasting Makridakis, Spyros G. BUS LIB FOLIO HD30.27 .M35 1975
Managerial accounting Balakrishnan, Ramji. BUS LIB FOLIO HF5657.4 .B34 2009
World stock exchange fact book   BUS LIB FOLIO HG4551 .W67
Technical traders guide to computer analysis of the futures market LeBeau, Charles. BUS LIB FOLIO HG6046 .L43 1992
Nonparametric statistics for the behavioral sciences Siegel, Sidney, 1916-1961. BUS LIB H61 .S57
Super crunchers : why thinking-by-numbers is the new way to be smart Ayres, Ian. BUS LIB HA29 .A86 2007
Analysis of financial time series : financial econometrics Tsay, Ruey S., 1951- BUS LIB HA30.3 .T76 2002
Business analysis using regression : a casebook Foster, Dean P. BUS LIB HA31.3 .F67 1998
Macroeconomics Smith, Warren Lounsbury, 1914-1972. BUS LIB HB171.5 .S642
Panic : the story of modern financial insanity   BUS LIB HB3722 .P36 2009
The financial crisis inquiry report United States. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. BUS LIB HB3722 .U543 2011
Encyclopedia of entrepreneurship   BUS LIB HB615 .E59
Facility siting and public opposition O’Hare, Michael, 1943- BUS LIB HC79.D5 O37 1983
Race and entrepreneurial success : Black-, Asian-, and white-owned businesses in the United States Fairlie, Robert W. BUS LIB HD2358.5.U6 F35 2008
Economics, organization, and management Milgrom, Paul R., 1948- BUS LIB HD30.22 .M55 1992
Crucial decisions : leadership in policymaking and crisis management Janis, Irving Lester, 1918- BUS LIB HD30.23 .J37 1989
What I didn’t lear n in business school : how strategy work s in the real world Barney, Jay B. BUS LIB HD30.28 .B36835 2010
Strategic operations : competing through capabilities Hayes, Robert H. BUS LIB HD30.28 .H3898 1996
Executing your strategy : how to break it down and get it done Morgan, Mark, 1954- BUS LIB HD30.28 .M6523 2007
On organizational learning Argyris, Chris, 1923- BUS LIB HD30.3 .A74 1993
The SAGE handbook of organizational research methods   BUS LIB HD30.4 .S2226 2009
The Drucker lectures : essential lessons on management, society, and economy Drucker, Peter F. (Peter Ferdinand), 1909-2005. BUS LIB HD31 .D78 2010
Government and markets : toward a new theory of regulation   BUS LIB HD3612 .G68 2010
Employee benefits : a primer for human resource professionals Martocchio, Joseph J. BUS LIB HD4928.N62 U637 2003
The balanced scorecard : translating strategy into action Kaplan, Robert S. BUS LIB HD56 .K256 1996
The performance im perative : strategies for enhancing work force effectiveness   BUS LIB HD56 .P455 1995
Culture, leadership, and organizations : the GLOBE study of 62 societies   BUS LIB HD57.7 .C83 2004
Focus on leadership servant-leadership for the twenty-first century   BUS LIB HD57.7 .F63 2002
Co-leaders : the power of great partner ships Heenan, David A. BUS LIB HD57.7 .H397 1999
The leadership challenge : how to keep getting extraordinary things done in organizations Kouzes, James M., 1945- BUS LIB HD57.7 .K68 1997
Organizational traps : leadership, culture, organizational design Argyris, Chris, 1923- BUS LIB HD58.7 .A74 2010
Profiles in performance : business intelligence journeys and the roadmap for change Dresner, Howard, 1957- BUS LIB HD58.7 .D764 2010
Organizational culture : the meaning of life in the workplace   BUS LIB HD58.7 .O736 1985
Research in organizational behavior.   BUS LIB HD58.7 .R45
Misbehavior in organizations : theory, research, and management Ṿardi, Yoʾav, 1944- BUS LIB HD58.7 .V367 2004
Crowdsourcing : why the power of the crowd is driving the future of business Howe, Jeff. BUS LIB HD58.8 .H693 2008
No-collar : the humane workplace and its hidden costs Ross, Andrew, 1956- BUS LIB HD58.8 .R674 2003
Corporate strategy : a resource-based approach Collis, David J. BUS LIB HD58.9 .C644 1998
Rumor in the market place : the social psychology of commercial hearsay Koenig, Fredrick. BUS LIB HD59.2 .K63 1985
Corporate integrity & accountability   BUS LIB HD60 .C638 2004
Corporations and morality Donaldson, Thomas, 1945- BUS LIB HD60 .D66
The last male bastion : gender and the CEO suite in Ameri a’s public companies Branson, Douglas M. BUS LIB HD6054.4.U6 B728 2010
The E-myth revisited : why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it Gerber, Michael E. BUS LIB HD62.7 .G458 1995
Management consulting : a complete guide to the industry Biswas, Sugata, 1967- BUS LIB HD69.C6 B537 2002
Convergence of project management and knowledge management   BUS LIB HD69.P75 C648 2010
Project management handbook   BUS LIB HD69.P75 P75 1983
Successful project management : a step by step approach with practical examples Rosenau, Milton D., 1931- BUS LIB HD69.P75 R67 1992
The big squeeze : tough times for the American worker Greenhouse, Steven. BUS LIB HD8072.5 .G74 2008
An introduction to modern theories of economic growth Jones, Hywel G. BUS LIB HD82 .J596
Readings in the modern theory of economic growth Stiglitz, Joseph E. comp. BUS LIB HD82 .S735
The Facebook effect : the inside story of the company that is connecting the world Kirkpatrick, David, 1953 June 14- BUS LIB HD9696.8.U64 F335 2010
World trade and payments : an introduction Caves, Richard E. BUS LIB HF1007 .C345 1985
Cutting-edge social media approaches to business education   BUS LIB HF1106 .C88 2010
How to get into the top MBA programs Montauk, Richard. BUS LIB HF1111 .M66 2002
The power of many : values for success in business and in life Whitman, Meg. BUS LIB HF5386 .W4934 2010
Ethics, the heart of leadership   BUS LIB HF5387 .E875 2004
Brazil : a guide for businesspeople Oliveira, Jacqueline. BUS LIB HF5389.3.B7 O38 2001
Cross-cultural marketing : theory, practice and relevance Burton, Dawn, 1961- BUS LIB HF5415 .B7763 2009
Handbook of marketing   BUS LIB HF5415 .H18665 2002
Friends with benefits : a social media marketing handbook Barefoot, Darren, 1974- BUS LIB HF5415.1265 .B3334 2010
The complete guide to Google advertising Brown, Bruce C. (Bruce Cameron), 1965- BUS LIB HF5415.1265 .B7643 2007
The ultimate guide to search engine marketing Brown, Bruce C. (Bruce Cameron), 1965- BUS LIB HF5415.1265 .B768 2007
No space, no choice, no jobs, no logo Klein, Naomi. BUS LIB HF5415.13 .K54 2002
The handbook for focus group research Greenbaum, Thomas L. BUS LIB HF5415.2 .G695 1998
The theory of buyer behavior Howard, John A. BUS LIB HF5415.3 .H68
Born to buy : the commercialized child and the new consumer culture Schor, Juliet. BUS LIB HF5415.33.U6 S355 2004
The strategy and tactics of pricing : a guide to profitable decision making Nagle, Thomas T., 1951- BUS LIB HF5416.5 .N34 2002
One to one, B2B : customer development strategies for the business-to-business world Peppers, Don. BUS LIB HF5422 .P38 2001
One nation under goods : malls and the seductions of American shopping Farrell, James J., 1949- BUS LIB HF5430.3 .F37 2003
Auctions and auctioneering Cassady, Ralph, 1900- BUS LIB HF5476 .C3
Good boss, bad boss : how to be the best– and learn from the worst Sutton, Robert I. BUS LIB HF5549.12 .S88 2010
Searching for a corporate savior : the irrational quest for charismatic CEOs Khurana, Rakesh, 1967- BUS LIB HF5549.5.R44 K48 2002
Smoking and the workplace : issues and answers for human resources professionals Timmins, William M. BUS LIB HF5549.5.S55 T56 1989
Advances in public interest accounting   BUS LIB HF5601 .A48
A study of the at itudes toward and an assessment of the Financial Accounting Standards Board   BUS LIB HF5616.U5 S78 1980
Statistical auditing : review, concepts, and problems Bailey, Andrew D. BUS LIB HF5667 .B234
Mainstream videoconferencing : a developerʾs guide to distance multimedia Duran, Joe. BUS LIB HF5734.7 .D87 1997
Shoveling smoke : advertising and globalization in contemporary India Mazzarella, William, 1969- BUS LIB HF5813.I4 M39 2003
Visual marketing : from attention to action   BUS LIB HF5822 .V57 2008
The Ethical problems of modern advertising.   BUS LIB HF5831 .E7 1931a
Research in banking and finance   BUS LIB HG1 .R376
Handbook of financial econometrics   BUS LIB HG106 .H365 2010
Virtue, fortune, and faith : a genealogy of finance Goede, Marieke de, 1971- BUS LIB HG171 .G637 2005
Financial engineering : a complete guide to financial innovation Marshall, John F. (John Francis), 1952- BUS LIB HG176.7 .M37 1992
Too big to save? : how to fix the U.S. financial system Pozen, Robert C. BUS LIB HG181 .P67 2010
Regulating Wall Street : the Dodd-Frank Act and the new architecture of global finance   BUS LIB HG181 .R357 2011
An introduction to monetary theory and policy Wrightsman, Dwayne. BUS LIB HG221 .W93 1983
Financial theory and corporate policy Copeland, Thomas E., 1946- BUS LIB HG4011 .C833 2005
How to write a winning business plan Mancuso, Joseph. BUS LIB HG4027.7 .M36 1985
Directory, multi national corporations (MNCs) and foreign companies in India : 2007-08   BUS LIB HG4241.5 .D57 2007
Inefficient markets : an introduction to behavioral finance Shleifer, Andrei. BUS LIB HG4515 .S54 2000
Advances in behavioral finance   BUS LIB HG4515.15 .A38 1993
Stock market liquidity : implications for market microstructure and asset pricing   BUS LIB HG4521 .S788 2008
The (mis)behavior of markets : a fractal view of risk, ruin, and reward Mandelbrot, Benoit B. BUS LIB HG4523 .M257 2004
Expert trading systems : modeling financial markets with kernel regression Wolberg, John R. BUS LIB HG4523 .W65 2000
Technical analysis from A to Z : covers every trading tool Achelis, Steven B. BUS LIB HG4529 .A35 1995
High-frequency trading : a practical guide to algorithmic strategies and trading systems Aldridge, Irene, 1975- BUS LIB HG4529 .A43 2010
Modern portfolio theory and investment analysis Elton, Edwin J. BUS LIB HG4529.5 .E47 1991
Quantitative equity investing : techniques and strategies Fabozzi, Frank J. BUS LIB HG4529.5 .F3346 2010
Active portfolio management : a quantitative approach for providing superior returns and controlling Grinold, Richard C. BUS LIB HG4529.5 .G75 2000
The new money management : a framework for asset allocation Vince, Ralph, 1958- BUS LIB HG4529.5 .V56 1995
The Economics of mutual fund markets : competition versus regulation   BUS LIB HG4530 .E26 1990
Mutual fund fact book   BUS LIB HG4530 .I55
Evolving financial markets and international capital flows Davis, Lance Edwin. BUS LIB HG4538 .D32 2001
Paving Wall Street : experimental economics & the quest for the perfect market Miller, Ross M. BUS LIB HG4551 .M54 2002
Active total return m anagement of fixed-income portfolios Dattatreya, Ravi E. BUS LIB HG4650 .D38 1995
Fixed income analysis Fabozzi, Frank J. BUS LIB HG4650 .F326 2007
Fixed income securities Fabozzi, Frank J. BUS LIB HG4650 .F327 1997
Fixed inco me securities : tools for today’s markets Tuckman, Bruce. BUS LIB HG4650 .T83 1995
Fixed income securities : tools for today’s markets Tuckman, Bruce. BUS LIB HG4650 .T83 2002
Bond markets, analy is, and strategies Fabozzi, Frank J. BUS LIB HG4651 .F28 2000
Duration, convexity, and other bond risk measures Fabozzi, Frank J. BUS LIB HG4651 .F29 1999
Basics of mortgage-backed securities Hu, Joseph. BUS LIB HG4655 .H8 1997
Understanding Wall Street Little, Jeffrey B. BUS LIB HG4910 .L54 2004
The Wall Street Journal guide to understanding money & investing Morris, Kenneth M. BUS LIB HG4910 .M67 1999
Exorbitant privilege : the rise and fall of the dollar and the future of the international monetary Eichengreen, Barry J. BUS LIB HG540 .E33 2011
Options made easy : your guide to profitable trading Cohen, Guy. BUS LIB HG6024.A3 C63 2002
Energy risk : valuing and managing energy derivatives Pilipović, Dragana. BUS LIB HG6047.E43 P55 1998
Loss models :from data to decisions Klugman, Stuart A., 1949- BUS LIB HG8781 .K583 1998
Lectures on public economics Atkinson, A. B. (Anthony Barnes) BUS LIB HJ141 .A74
Classics in the theory of public finance Musgrave, Richard Abel, 1910- ed. BUS LIB HJ141 .M8
Public finance in theory and practice Musgrave, Richard Abel, 1910- BUS LIB HJ257.2 .M87 1984
Public sector auditing : is it value for money? Bourn, John, Sir, 1934- BUS LIB HJ9733 .B68 2007
Auditing recipients of federal awards : practical guidance for applying OMB circular A-133 Wood, Venita M. BUS LIB HJ9801 .W654 2005
Power and involvement in organizations : an empirical exam ination of Etzioni’s compliance theory Drummond, Helga. BUS LIB HM131 .D74 1993
Leadership and performance beyond expectations Bass, Bernard M. BUS LIB HM141 .B33 1985
Research in the sociology of organizations   BUS LIB HM786 .R46
Conquering government regulations : a business guide   BUS LIB KF1600 .C56
Matrix algebra for business and economics Searle, S. R. (Shayle R.), 1928- BUS LIB QA263 .S4
SAS user ‘s guide : statistics   BUS LIB QA276.4 .S237 1985
Models for discrete longitudinal data Molenberghs, Geert. BUS LIB QA278 .M65 2005
Generalized additive models Hastie, Trevor. BUS LIB QA278.2 .H39 1990
Regression models for categorical dependent variables using Stata Long, J. Scott. BUS LIB QA278.2 .L654 2001
Nonlinear time series : nonpara metric and parametric methods Fan, Jianqing. BUS LIB QA280 .F36 2005
Right first time : using quality control for profit Price, Frank. BUS LIB TS156 .P693 1984
Foundations of stochastic inventory theory Porteus, Evan L. BUS LIB TS160 .P67 2002
Multi-level production/inventory control systems : theory and practice   BUS LIB TS160 M96 1981
Hierarchical operations and supply chain planning Miller, Tan C., 1954- BUS LIB TS176 .M55 2000