Books Recently Returned: 4/18/2011

These books from the Business Library’s general collection have been loaned and recently returned. Books appear in order by call number. Readers can use the list to see which subjects are popular or used for research.

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Updated April 18, 2011

Title Author Call Number
The basic practice of statistics Moore, David S. BUS DESK Software 5491 CD-ROM
The IT consultant : a commonsense framework for managing the client relationship Freedman, Rick. BUS DESK Software 6199 CD-ROM
Introduction to regression modeling Abraham, Bovas, 1942- BUS DESK Software 7389 CD-ROM
Advanced financial accounting   BUS LIB FOLIO HF5635 .B165 2009
Managerial accounting Balakrishnan, Ramji. BUS LIB FOLIO HF5657.4 .B34 2009
The Dow Jones-Irwin guide to stock market cycles Hayes, Michael, D.B.A. BUS LIB FOLIO HG4521 .H4
Markets in motion : [a financial market history, 1900 to 2004] Ned Davis Research, Inc. BUS LIB FOLIO HG4551 .N38 2005
Data analysis using regression and multilevel/hierarchical models Gelman, Andrew. BUS LIB HA31.3 .G45 2007
On the brink : inside the race to stop the collapse of the global financial system Paulson, Henry M., 1946- BUS LIB HB3722 .P42 2010
The big short : inside the doomsday machine Lewis, Michael (Michael M.) BUS LIB HC106.83 .L5 2010
Gangs of America : the rise of corporate power and the disabling of d emocracy Nace, Ted. BUS LIB HD2785 .N32 2003
Unequal protection : the rise of corporate dominance and the theft of human rights Hartmann, Thom, 1951- BUS LIB HD3616.U46 H317 2002
In search of excess : the overcom pensation of American executives Crystal, Graef S. BUS LIB HD4965.5.U6 C77 1992
The flight of the creative class : the new global competition for talent Florida, Richard L. BUS LIB HD53 .F455 2005
Participation and empowerment in organizations : modeling, effectiveness, and applications Sagie, Abraham. BUS LIB HD5650 .S28 2000
Issues management : corporate public policymaking in an information society Heath, Robert L. (Robert Lawrence), 1941- BUS LIB HD59 .H33 1986
Strategic issues management : organizations and public policy challenges Heath, Robert L. (Robert Lawrence), 1941- BUS LIB HD59.5 .H42 1997
Risk issues and crisi s management : a casebook of best practice Regester, Michael. BUS LIB HD59.5 .R44 2005
How to set up and operate a non-profit organization Upshur, Carole C. BUS LIB HD62.6 .U67
Hoffa and the teamsters; a study of union power James, Ralph C., 1929- BUS LIB HD6515.T3 J3
Team performance as sessment and measurement : theory, methods, and applications   BUS LIB HD66 .T424 1997
Private label strategy : how to meet the store brand challenge Kumar, Nirmalya. BUS LIB HD69.B7 K855 2007
Convergence of project management and knowledge management   BUS LIB HD69.P75 C648 2010
An introduction to modern theories of economic growth Jones, Hywel G. BUS LIB HD82 .J596
Keeping the U.S. computer and communications industry competitive   BUS LIB HD9696.C63 U52122 1995
The myth of Japanese efficiency : the world car industry in a globalizing age Coffey, Dan, 1966- BUS LIB HD9710.J32 C635 2006
The machine that changed the world : the story of lean production Womack, James P. BUS LIB HD9710.J32 W66 2007
Prophets of war : Lockheed Martin and the making of the military-industrial complex Hartung, William D. BUS LIB HD9711.U64 L635 2011
Statistical thinking for managers Hildebrand, David K., 1940- BUS LIB HF1017 .O73 1987
Cutting-edge social media approaches to business education   BUS LIB HF1106 .C88 2010
Rethinking the MBA : business education at a crossroads Datar, Srikant M. BUS LIB HF1131 .D38 2010
The heart of a business ethic   BUS LIB HF5387 .H436 2005
Managerial ethics : managing the psychology of morality   BUS LIB HF5387 .M3345 2010
Developments in marketing science Academy of Marketing Science. BUS LIB HF5415.1 .D4
DigiMarketing : the essential guide to new media & digital marketing Wertime, Kent. BUS LIB HF5415.1265 .W47 2008
Supply chain management : strategy, planning, and operation Chopra, Sunil, 1960- BUS LIB HF5415.13 .C533 2001
Blue ocean strategy : how to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant Kim, W. Chan. BUS LIB HF5415.153 .K53 2005
The fair trade revolution   BUS LIB HF5417 .F35 2011
Land of desire : merchants, power and the rise of a new American culture Leach, William R. BUS LIB HF5465.U5 L4 1993
Work motivation : history, theory, research , and practice Latham, Gary P. BUS LIB HF5549.5.M63 L385 2007
Improving on-the-job training : how to establish and operate a comprehensive OJT program Rothwell, William J., 1951- BUS LIB HF5549.5.T7 R658 1994
Advances in public interest accounting   BUS LIB HF5601 .A48
APB accounting principles American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. BUS LIB HF5616 .U5 A55
AICPA technical practice aids American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. BUS LIB HF5616.U5 A55
Statistical auditing : review, concepts, and problems Bailey, Andrew D. BUS LIB HF5667 .B234
Giving presentations : expert solutions to everyday challenges   BUS LIB HF5718.22 .G58 2007
Writing for business : expert solutions to everyday challenges   BUS LIB HF5718.3 .W745 2007
Written communications that inform and influence   BUS LIB HF5718.3 .W78 2006
The Ethical problems of modern advertising   BUS LIB HF5831 .E7 1931a
Research in banking and finance   BUS LIB HG1 .R376
Handbook of financial econometrics   BUS LIB HG106 .H365 2010
The Templeton touch Proctor, William. BUS LIB HG172.T45 P76 1983
The Bank of Korea : a sixty-year history Hanʼguk Ŭnhaeng. BUS LIB HG3330.5.A7 H35 2010
Financial management   BUS LIB HG4026.5 .F57 1983
Investment under uncertainty Dixit, Avinash K. BUS LIB HG4028.C4 D58 1994
Behavioral finance : investors, corporations, and markets   BUS LIB HG4515.15 .B4384 2010
A random walk down Wall Street Malkiel, Burton Gordon. BUS LIB HG4521 .M319 1985
Graham and Dodd’s Security analysis Graham, Benjamin, 1894- BUS LIB HG4529 .G7 1988
Quantitative equity investing : techniques and strategies Fabozzi, Frank J. BUS LIB HG4529.5 .F3346 2010
Modern portfolio theory, the capital asset pricing model, and arbitrage pricing theory Harrington, Diana R., 1940- BUS LIB HG4637 .H37 1987
The bond market : trading and risk management Ray, Christina I. BUS LIB HG4651 .R29 1993
Options as a strategic investment : a comprehensive analysis of listed option strategies McMillan, L. G. BUS LIB HG6041 .M322
Risk arbitrage : an investor’s guide Moore, Keith M., 1952- BUS LIB HG6041 .M655 1999
Research in the sociology of organizations   BUS LIB HM786 .R46
Advertising and public relations law Moore, Roy L. BUS LIB KF1614 .M66 1998
Experimental and quasi-experimental designs for generalized causal inference Shadish, William R. BUS LIB Q175 .S523 2002
Stata longitudinal/panel data : reference manual, release 10   BUS LIB QA276.4 .S64555 2007
What if there were no significance tests?   BUS LIB QA277 .W48 1997
Regression models for categorical dependent variables using Stata Long, J. Scott. BUS LIB QA278.2 .L654 2001
Statistical methods for forecasting Abraham, Bovas, 1942- BUS LIB QA279.2 .A27 1983
Analysis of integrated and cointegrated time series with R Pfaff, Bernhard. BUS LIB QA280 .P44 2006
Eaarth : making a life on a tough new planet McKibben, Bill. BUS LIB QC981.8.C5 M3895 2010
Solving business problems by simulation Szymankiewicz, J. Z. BUS LIB T57.62 .S99 1988
Find it fast : how to uncover expert information on any subject online or in print Berkman, Robert I. BUS LIB ZA3075 .B47 2000