It has rained a great deal for a few days past making it very uncomfortable

Joseph Culver Letter, August 9, 1864, Page 1

Head qrs Co “A” 129th Regt Ills. Vols
In the Field Near Atlanta Ga
August 9th 1864
My dear Wife

I wrote but a short note yesterday because I was busy on the muster and [pay rolls?] of the Company & was anxious to get them completed but it rained so much that I did not accomplish much. I just got fairly started this morning when it commenced raining again. It has rained a great deal for a few days past making it very uncomfortable in the [trenches?]. We are so close to the enemy here that I feel compelled to keep in the [trenches?] most of the time. I recd. your letter of the 31″ July yesterday [evening?]. I am most happy to learn of your good health. Truly God has been most merciful to us [May?] His mercies be continued my heart is truly greatful. I just heard from Bro. [illegible] who was over this morning. He is well but has not heard from Bro. [illegible] yet. It is raining so hard that I must lay aside my letter


Hospital this morning to look after [Josephus?] Ullery and Wm [name]. Ullery is quite [weak?] & [name?] has some bad sores [illegible] Neither of them are considered [illegible] All the rest of the Company are very well My own health is excellent I shall rejoice at the ‘Good news from Us” [this month or next?] if our Father only blesses you with good [illegible] continues to rain. Large numbers of [illegible] are arriving It is difficult to tell definitely the [illegible] cannot leave the front line to [illegible] is so very unreliable. Some of the boys say the saw [illegible]

doubt but that the Enemy are being largely reinforced by [Kroly?] Smiths and Forrests armies There will doubtless yet be a terrible battle for the possession of Atlanta. If the Enemy will come out and attack us I apprehend but little trouble but should we be compelled to assault these works around Atlanta God above knows the results We recd. by yesterdays papers the news of the failure of Grants assault upon Petersburg The losses are very light if truly estimated. The Rebs have suffered [it terribly?] in all their assaults upon us that the boys [illegible] dread an effort of that kind yet should it be deemed necessary none will hesitate. There have been several hard battles on the extreme right of our army within the last few days but we have not learned the result. We feel sure however that had any disaster resulted we would not be laying so quietly here. As there are troops here that could readily be spared were they needed. I hope to hear from you soon. May our Father in [Heaven?] bless you Kiss Mother and Maggie for [illegible] the children remembered me kindly [illegible] pray that God may [illegible]

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