Yours of 21st inst. to Sammy containing love and logwood arrived yesterday

Joseph Culver Letter, June 29, 1864, Page 1Camp near Marietta Ga.
29th June 1864.
My Dear Sister Mollie:

Yours of 21st inst. to Sammy containing love & logwood arrived yesterday evening. Though brief it was very welcome. It’s the first from home in many weeks. Sammy does not need the logwood, having recovered entirely but he can keep it for future use. He is apparently as hearty as ever. I feel “kinder sick like” this morning. Since breakfast, I haven’t had a bit of appetite. Guess the “Spring fever”, so prevalent these warmer days, is “seizing of me.” I wish you would send me a little loaf sugar or orange [peeling?] might cure me. Simptoms in my case are very peculiar. Befor dinner I have a sort of “[gornness?]” in the front part of my waist; and this gives place after dinner, to loss of appetite. In the language of the poet “tis passing strange”. I’m afraid my ailment will become serious if “hardtack” gets scarce. But we must all be resigned. We have been resting for three days past. We are now lying in woods where it is nice and Shady. As soon as I get through writing I shall lie down beneath my own vine and fig tree, there being no rebs around to make me affraid, and sleep peacefully and dream sweetly till dinnertime.

I wrote to mother on the [?] and inclosed her a “V” for garden outlay. Let me know if she had riceived it. I’ve not seen Frank for several weeks. I met James Donaldson day before yesterday. The enemy is making a stout resistance here, but he will leave this position before the close of this week. Mollie, what’s the news up town and around about the country? Who has been getting married, and who has been “bornd.” Write me soon and give me lots of news.

Affectionately your Brother
W.J. Murphy
Battery “M” 1st Ill Arty
2d Div 4 AC
Chattanooga Tenn

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