I received yours of the [4th?] written at Chicago last evening

Joseph Culver Letter, February 8, 1864, Page 1Pontiac Ill Feb 8, 1864

My Dear Husband

I received yours of the [4th?] written at Chicago last evening with my book worsted buttons cords silk &c I thank you for them all for the music more than I can tell I think the pieces are beautiful Emily and I sang until nearly eleven last night How did you like the ‘Home without a Baby” or did you not have time to notice it particularly? I will write off the words sometime and send them to you As you said nothing of the beads I conclude you did not have time to hunt for them I can send another time or wait till I go myself the worsted suits exactly, the book I’ve hardly had time to look at Did you ever read it? Howard has been very fretful ever since you left his gum is quite sore and we think two upper teeth are almost through. Im looking over the paper & yesterday I saw the name Howard Q Culver in the Illinois Legislature

I received a letter from Jonnie yesterday directed to you I will enclose it in this also one from Jim Critten written the 12th of Nov. I presume I need not send that to you it was written at Joliet. The meetings are still well attended Mr. Hill says the “back bone is gone” A girl who lives with Sally Boyles has been forward for prayers and it is creating no little excitement Mrs Remick was over here yesterday morning to see Mr. & Mrs Johnstone about it She seems to think salvation is not for such why not for them as well as for the men who ruin them. Nothing was said about Boris kneeling at the altar with their daughter but when a poor girl young too who has been ruined by him and his associates skirts are immediately pulled aside for fear of contamination A queer world this is

I have not been to church since you left Baby has been too troublesome

I received the $10 in the letter by mail and $25. by J W Smith I gave the first to him and he said “All right”

Your ragged pants have haunted me ever since you left Only two pair and through my negligence neither of them fit to wear I cannot write any more this morning Baby is so restless but will write this evening and direct to New York. Remember me kindly to all Carlisle friends I hope you will have a pleasant time. God bless and care for you my Husband Accept love and kisses from your Wife & Baby

Yours Ever
Mary M Culver

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