I was uptown with Mrs. Smith & did not take time to write

Joseph Culver Letter, August 16, 1863, Page 1

Hd. Qrs., 129th Ills. Vol.
Gallatin, Tenn., Aug. 16th 1863

My Dear Wife

I was uptown with Mrs. Smith & did not take time to write, so I can but send a few lines this morning. Mrs. Smith is still very low. I did not deliver your message. She is not able to Speak. I have very little hope for her recovery.

I ford. a petition yesterday for a Leave of Absence for Smith, & as [Captain] Hoskins will claim the next chance, I shall not make any effort for 5 or 6 weeks, but then I think I shall succeed.1 It may be so far advanced by that time as to be safe for you & Frankie here.

I have been Studying whether to send this letter to Carlisle but concluded not to. I expect to hear from you to-day and shall then know when to write to Carlisle.

My health is very good. It was my intention to write a long letter last night, but I will try & write some this afternoon. With much love to all, I close, praying that God will bless & keep you.

Your Affect. Husband
J. F. Culver

P.S. King’s family requested last night to be remembered to you.

  1. Lieutenant   Smith’s   10-day   leave   was  approved  by   headquarters,   Army   of  the Cumberland, on Aug. 20, 1863. Regimental Papers, 129th Illinois, NA. []

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