Yesterday I. received a Record of Camp A. of 129th Reg. wich I am very thank full for

Joseph Culver Letter, August 5, 1863, Page 1Pontiac Aug. 5th 1863.

Friend J. [F?]. Culver

Yours [done?] W.J. Russell I received also yesterday I. received a Record of Camp A. of 129th Reg. wich I am very thank full for it I presume you have send it to me from the hand writting.

Mr Russell [?] from Chicago here and the B.C.B. Escend it Russell up [Town?] where Mr Daman give a Supper for the Band oh I only wisht you could bin here Il [bid?] you took sam of the Turkey we had well you askt me why Russell [?] it to come home so bad I dont think I can answere it I think more fer pleasure than any thing else I dont think he interferes with [Bands?] plans, you know Bill can get any thing he [wanths?] as far that is concerns I mean. Ladies well Culver we plaid the first night when Russell was here and the first Tune we plaid was your. Bones. Taylor Jones says he did not need to play it the Eb Alto plaid it almost alone with out any asistance with a player I think you can take a new beginner and let him take Eb Alto and he can play Bones like a Fifr because Bones is in the [horn?] you have plaid it so much that the Tune can play mostly alone and for all we playd it and ruind it [Tip Tip?]. I thought aboud you then the time James was here and you used to play it well Calver you wanth to know if I got up those Resolutions why dont you think I can get them up as good as J. F. Culver got up these aboud 2 years ago well to sedle the madder I did not get them up Mr Russell will tell you who got them up. I am very much oblige to you for the Credit you gave me now Culver wenever you are coming home on a leave of Absence I wanth you to Tellegraph me and the Band will [meat?] you not all alone because you are a member of the Pontiac Band and you have laift your family and home and your Busness and go and fight for your Country. J. F. Culver I am with you as far as Politics are [?] ther is sum of the Demucrats down on me fer not acting with them I wanth you to under stand I dont belong to the Copper head Party I am in fer the Govemend and and the Constitutions fair Land I have taken a Oath when I receved my Papers as a Citizens of this County why should I be against as good a Country as this is well Culver hoping to hear from you soon again Russell will stay here aboud two weeks

from your Friend
Henry Greenebaum

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