I have just finished a letter to Mary directing it to New Hartford N.Y.

Joseph Culver Letter, July 27, 1863, Letter 2, Page 1East Villa, July 27th/63.

Dear brother Joe,

I have just finished a letter to Mary directing it to New Hartford N.Y. which is the place you spoke of. I sent her an invitation to spend the remainder of the Summer with us which we will be very glad to have her do for Jennie is going to house-keeping in two or three weeks & we will be very lonely here. Father’s health is not improving any He frequently suffers with pain in his Stomach beside has rheumatism in his back and limbs & of course is growing weaker. Jennie’s children have been sick for a week or two & I have not been very well but we are all feeling better to-day. There is a great deal of sickness in town and through the country too. The weather is very warm & sultry which I think makes it worse. Anna & Kate Yong have both been quite ill but are again recovering My mind was so much occupied with the Rebbles when I last wrote that I neglected telling you some other things which I have no doubt will interest you among which is the marriage of Annie Yong. She was married on the fifth of this month to Hiram Good. I think you must have known him for he lives but a short distance from the Schoolhouse where you taught School. She was married very quietly on Sunday evening & we knew nothing of it for near a week afterward. I have not seen her since. Wes is still at home but speaks of going into service with a cavalry company now forming in Carlisle. Charlie has been working for Gustie all harvest; hands are not to be had at any price. Harry is in Bucks County at his home but we expect him back in a few days. College opens about the middle of next month. The prospects for a prosperous year are quite favorable just now.

I think from what I read that Brag’s army must have joined Lee’s as reports say Lee has been heavily reinforced and again threatens Penn. If Rosecrans should follow Brag you may not have very far to come home when you are permitted to come. Gov. Curtin is censured somewhat for sending home the Malitia as it weakens the defense along the border but the draft is expected to take place in a few days and the vacancie will no doubt be filled by the drafted men. I will let you know if any of our friends are drafted. The family all join in sending much love. Let us hear from you soon.

Your affectionate Sister.
Hanna Culver

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