I dont wonder you think this rather a one sided correspondence

Joseph Culver Letter, January 12, 1863, Letter 2, Page 1Pontiac Ill Jan. 12th 1863

My Dear Husband

Yours of Jan. 6th arrived today. You spoke of one written “yesterday” which I have not received but hope to soon I dont wonder you think this rather a one sided correspondence I think though you will have enough reading matter for one while if my letters reach you all together. I hope you will hear from us soon You are right in thinking that baby & I are well he still has a cough but I think we can break it up with some medicine we have prepared The health of the community is good the Small Pox is “no more” Those who have had it are almost without exception gaining rapidly. Here has been no deaths beside those I mentioned a few days ago There is nothing of special interest transpiring People are much disappointed in the result of the attempt to capture Vicksburg they look so anxiously for the opening of the Mississippi It seems to me the war is just begun nothing of interest from the Potomac.

Jan. 13th

I have just returned from town & concluded to finish your letter Babys cough is no better & at times he hoops it look something like the hooping cough but we hope it isnt I saw Sis today I am afraid she is not trying her best to do right The influences about her are very bad She will write to you by Maples I think. I saw him to day & he rather expects to start Monday Mrs. Remick gave baby a beautiful little cap it is very large for him & I will keep it till next summer

Jan. 15

I intended to write some last night dear Frank but felt very tired Baby is very troublesome & especially at night when he coughs a good deal I am kept awake so much. Jonnie leaves for Nashville tonight, he think he can get there some way, if possible will go by way of Bowling Green Oh, if he only could it would make me very happy If not he will mail this letter where you will be likely to get it If you see him & I think you will, he will give you all the news. I will simply say that all are well here thanks to a kind Providence, who has so wonderfully preserved us in the midst of danger. Augustus Croswell died last evening. If his constitution had been strong he would probably have recovered I have not learned the particulars of his death yet As far as I know all families who have friends in the 129th are well I hope ere this you have heard from some of us Just now Jonnie came in & tells me that he is not going tonight I will continue writing however until he does go Allie Babcock is about to die they do not think he can live through the night he has tumors on his body his Mother is also very ill of lung fever I read a letter tonight that Russel received from you he has not answered yet because communication has not been opened Have you been weighed lately? I would like to know if you have lost much. I had a talk with Charley McGregor this evening & learned a good deal of friends in Carlisle Did you know that sister Kate was at home Charley seemed to be in love with Penn’a life he says we will see bro. Charly there in a few years he is anxious to come now Dear Frank how I wish I could see you the desire of my heart is that you may be preserved in safety to return to us God grant it

Good night Accept much love from

your wife
Mary M. Culver

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