Our folks have all gone to church baby is asleep in his crib and I feel like talking to you

Joseph Culver Letter, December 7, 1862, Page 1Pontiac Ill. Dec 7th 1862
Sunday Eve

My Dear Frank,

Our folks have all gone to church baby is asleep in his crib and I feel like talking to you Yours of the 2nd I received last night and was thankful to hear of your good health I have thought much of you today & often wonder where you were and what you were doing

Mr. Pierce preached the funeral sermon of Mr Herberts child his subject was the resurrection of the body and we had a good sermon I like him much better than Mr. Pollard though he is far inferior in looks & others in the church do not like him so well I am glad he is to preach regularly

We had S.S. Prayermeeting this afternoon the letter which you spoke of in your last did not come I was very much disappointed We have concluded to have the Christmas Tree The Pres. & ME Schools until I will have one large tree I have thought lately

Dear Frank & it struck me very forcibly today that perhaps the reason I was not permitted to go away from here this winter was that God wanted me to work here & do what I could to make good your place With His help I will do what I can & without murmuring at his mysterious ways Dec 8th Dear Frank the baby woke up & prevented my finishing this letter last night we are both well you dont know how he grows I think he would weigh 16 or 17 lbs. now His eyes are going to be dark like yours Today I received your letters from Mr. Crull Mr. Reader & one through the Post Office I am sorry you sent that $5 I did not really need it half as much as I am afraid you do & I shall send it back by Maples. I got $9 (nearly, from Walgamot that was due you Jonnie spoke to Gus [Cawon?] about the 2 1/2 mentioned in one of your letters but he knew nothing of it he also attended to the other business which you wrote about & will write to you to day I believe it is all right This is the last letter I shall mail before Maples leaves Mrs. Smith goes with him How can I see her go? She is very happy. Tell Mr. Smith he must not be selfish & monopolize her society & favors

Do you know that Mr. Foote is married I met him on the street the other day & saw his wife’s picture she is a very nice looking woman only about 18 yrs old they were married in Wisconsin & next week he is to take the girls & go there to live Mother has sociable thursday evening How I wish you were here.

I will not make this letter longer but will write & give you all the news when Maples goes I have not any heart to write when you get so few of my letters You will be sure to get those I send by him God bless you Frank Accept much Love from your wife & baby I kiss him for you every morning Hoping to hear from you soon I subscribe myself Your Wife

Mary M Culver

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