I went to see about yours boots yesterday

Joseph Culver Letter, December 3, 1862, Page 1Pontiac Ill. Dec. 3rd 1862

Lieut J. F. Culver

My Dear Husband

Yours of Nov 22 reached me last night I was glad to get it but would have been gladder two weeks ago I wish my letters would go as surely as yours have come lately I went to see about yours boots yesterday Bend says he cannot make them under two weeks. I heard that Maples was to start the 10th but had no opportunity of ascertaining whether it was true I will see him today & if he does will send to Chicago or some where else for your boots I saw Mr. Utley yesterday afternoon that as soon as he could possibly find time he would write you & that he ran no risk in the business he was in as he was buying horses for a contractor he also told me to ask you if you remembered anything about a County Order which Philip Rollings gave you in the Street one day Its value was $9 nine dollars, and was to apply on a Commissioners bill whether school, road, or some other, I dont know That is it as near as I can remember If you dont understand it tell me & I will inquire more particularly about it Leander said he (Rollings) was anxious to know of it There was some $9 in the Justice Office for you Leander said he would get it also inquire about the $2 you mentioned in your last letter

Our neighbor Mrs. Herberts youngest boy was buried today You remember him he was about the age of Mary Utley he died of the Measles Our baby has not taken them yet & perhaps he has not been exposed to them at all that I know of Report today says that Pete Johnson is married I do not believe it I did not hear who the lady was It is said now that it is not the small pox that Mr. Ladds family have only a severe form of Chicken pox There are so many stories afloat one cant know what to believe The little boys and Lara are a complete sore from head to foot Mr. & Mrs Ladd & Mrs McDowel are not so bad probably because they have been vaccinated

I am going to have baby vaccinated as soon as Dr. Capron returns. He is visiting his Mother but will be back this week Dont you think I had better? I have not taken him out of the house since I came to Mothers I am careful myself lest I carry contagion to him He is just beginning to laugh talk and craw like a baby How I wish you could see him He is waking and I must close for the present if I can before the mail closes I will write a little more God bless you my husband and bring you safely to the loved ones at home Ever remmember as your loving wife

Mary M Culver

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