Your letter dated 11th Nov. I received day before yesterday

Joseph Culver Letter, November 14, 1862, Page 1Pontiac Ill. Nov. 14th 1862

My Dear Husband

Your letter dated 11th Nov. I received day before yesterday & the one dated 6th yesterday Maples come home yesterday I sent Sis & Abbie down in the evening & got your letter I was much disappointed to learn that Gagen had not reached you when he left I hope ere this you have rec’d the pictures I was sorry I did not get your letter before Gagen went away he could have carried your shawl just as well as not Oh! Frank do you think I can come to you? I’m afraid almost to hink of it lest I be disappointed I am so well & the baby too that if you stay there this winter I must come pay or no pay I will sell the cow and every thing else I have to pay my expenses there if I can have tea to make dinner for my baby I can live on almost nothing At least I can live on anything you can and I know my husband will share with me. How soon will we know whether you go into winter quarters or not I shall dread to open your letters

This is Sunday, but sitting here alone I thought I must talk to you a little while Baby is asleep in his crib Sis has not come home from church I supposed because it is raining quite hard Abbie staid with us last night and is now at Mrs. Custers It is decided I suppose that Sis will go to Mrs. Custers They are not going to Chenoa It was only last night that we knew it consequently I have not said any thing to her about it but will the first opportunity Jonny was with us a good part of last week he is still improving slowly

Monday morn

Mrs. Smith has gone to Peoria with her sister I expect I offended her the last time I saw her I talked pretty plain to her & then wrote her a letter. I’ve not seen her since then but I think she will think better of it after awhile I’m anxious to know how she writes to Mr. Smith now whether she complains as usual or not please let me know. I sold my hog to Russel for $7 1/2. Mrs Haskins was in this morning she returned from her fathers last week two letters are hall she has rec’d from Cap. since he went away tell him he aught to be ashamed of himself Frankie is stirring & I must close God bless you dear Frank Accept much love from your loving wife


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