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Digital Campus Map Collection

The UI Libraries have launched a digital collection of campus maps, drawing from materials in University Archives, which includes maps from 100 years of course catalogs, a pacing survey of the Pentacrest from 1893, and an aerial view of an uncompleted 1930s campus plan among other unique items documenting University space and development.

The collection is a valuable research tool for scholars and community members alike, and complements other local digital collections in the Iowa Digital Library as well as the upcoming north lobby exhibit: “Building the University of Iowa Campus,” scheduled for March-June, 2008.

University News Service Press Release:

Distributed by:

Mark F. Anderson
Digital Initiatives Librarian
University of Iowa Libraries

A Resource for Small Business:

The Pomerantz Business Library has added a link to on its Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Nonprofits page. As the Scout Report notes:

“The federal government is attempting to make finding information about business a bit easier with this website, and they have certainly succeeded. is managed by the U.S. Small Business Administration, which is working in partnership with 21 other federal agencies. Along the top of the homepage, visitors will find sections that include ‘Small Business Guides’, ‘State & Local Info’, and ‘Government Forms’. In the ‘Small Business Guides’ area, visitors can read over topical guides that address everything from e-commerce to occupational safety and health. The ‘State & Local Info’ section allows users to click on an interactive map to find state and local regulations that pertain to businesses. Finally, the ‘Government Forms’ area contains links to frequently requested forms, such as the I-9, the SS-4, and the W-2. Visitors should also check out the ‘Spotlight’ area which features information on free tax training, managing small business credit, and an assessment tool for new businesses.”  

 [KMG][the scout report, 2/22/2008]

Economist Historical Archive: 1843-2003

Library users now have access to the Economist Historical Archive. This service delivers a complete, searchable copy of every issue of The Economist from 1843 to 2003. New full-color images, multiple search indexes, exportable financial tables, and a gallery of front covers highlighting a key topic of each week — all combine to offer a primary source of research covering the 19th and 20th centuries. The Economist Historical Archive complements the Times Digital Archive, also available from Gale/Cengage Learning.

University of Iowa Faculty Senate Approves Addendum to Publishing Agreements

“The University of Iowa Faculty Senate Approved the ‘Addendum to Publication Agreements for CIC Authors’ at their October 23, 2007 meeting. This addendum is intended for authors to use to help them protect their intellectual property rights when publishing their work. Excerpt from the ‘Statement on Publishing Agreements’:

Faculty authors should consider a number of factors when choosing and interacting with publishers for their works. The goal of publication should be to encourage widespread dissemination and impact; the means for accomplishing this will necessarily depend on the nature of the work in question, the author’s circumstances, available suitable outlets, and expectations in the author’s field of inquiry. In general, authors are encouraged to consider publishing strategies that will optimize short- and long-term access to their work, taking into account such factors as affordability, efficient means for distribution, a secure third-party archiving strategy, and flexible management of rights.

To read more of the statement and view the addendum, visit the full Statement and Addendum.

(Source:  Library News, November 19th, 2007)

The World Bank, Mapped (Macromedia Flash Player)

“Upon entering The World Bank’s homepage, even the most experienced researcher can feel a bit intimidated. The site contains thousands of documents, and even though they offer a nice search engine, it can be difficult at times to get to specific items quickly. Recently, the World bank teamed up with Google maps to create a very nice ‘mash-up’ that serves as a visual entry point for visitors looking for projects, news, and statistics ( Using the Google map directional arrows and zoom functions, visitors can scroll around to look for different resources. The site also contains a legend which tracks low to high income areas, along with active projects sponsored by the World Bank. Finally, visitors can also toggle the map’s ‘satellite’ and ‘hybrid’ views on and off as they see fit. Overall, this is a tremendous resource and one that will warrant several return visits.”
—KMG, the scout report, 11/16/07

Federal Reserve to Issue Quarterly Forecasts

“The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced on Wednesday that, as part of its ongoing commitment to improve the accountability and public understanding of monetary policy making, it will increase the frequency and expand the content of the economic projections that are made by Federal Reserve Board members and Reserve Bank presidents and released to the public.” (Federal Reserve Board)

The full announcement can be found on the web site of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

New! Smart Search (beta)

As you know the world of information is changing at an ever-increasing pace and the way that we at the UI Libraries provide you access to information resources is also changing.  Many of our resources are available to you right on your desktop, because we have invested in electronic access. However, finding the right information in that haystack isn’t always easy.  So UI Libraries staff has recently invested in a smarter searching tool that will help you and your students locate the information resources you need. 

The new and improved Smart Search on the UI Libraries websites provide a single search box that searches the InfoHawk catalog, The Iowa Digital Library, e-resources, e-books, e-journals, and even journal articles.  The Find Resources search allows you to search the Libraries online catalog – InfoHawk; the Libraries rich collection of e-journals, e-books, databases and the Iowa Digital Library. When you search Find Articles, you can find journal articles from several online publications for a variety of subject areas with one search. If you choose the Business category then you are searching Business Source Complete, ABI/Inform, EconLit, Factiva, and others all at once. 

During this early release period, we want to hear about your experiences using Smart Search (Http://  There is also a link now on the Business Library home page. We will compile these responses to continue improving functionality for our library users.Please give this new Smart Search tool a try and let us know what you think.  If you have any question, please feel free to contact me or anyone else in the Business Library. 

Dave Martin

Pomerantz Business Library
C320 PBB

New Database: IBISWorld

The UI Libraries have purchased a subscription to IBISWorld.  This online database offers access to over 700 US industry market research reports.  The report topics range from car washes to management consultants.  IBISWorld also includes US public company profiles. All of the reports can be downloaded in pdf or MS Word format.  

 Please note: Our subscription only includes access to the US industry market research reports and the US company profiles.

Article Delivery Service Expands

Starting July 1st, UI students, faculty and staff will be able to login to the Libraries’ online Interlibrary Loan system to request articles and book chapters that the Libraries’ holds only in hard copy. In addition to making their requests online, they will also be able to track their requests online.

This isn’t a new service; students, faculty and staff have been able to request delivery of articles and book chapters from the UI Libraries for years via the Article Delivery Services (the new service will also include the former Pagerunner service), but now they can do it completely online.

Any article from a journal held by the UI Libraries (excluding the Law Library and the Curriculum Lab) can be photocopied and delivered to a home address or delivered electronically through email. Photocopies will be mailed or delivered electronically via email within 24-48 hours.

Contact the Main Library Interlibrary Loan via e-mail ( or phone 319-335-5917 or the Hardin Library for the Health Science Interlibrary Loan via email ( or phone 319-335-9874 for more information