Statista: The Leading Statistics Portal

Statista is now available through the University of Iowa Libraries. With statistics on over 60,000 subjects – from over 10,000 sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau, International Monetary Fund, Worldbank, and more – Statista provides users easy-to-access, detailed data.

“Statista only shows you the most essential information – statistics. This simplicity of use is the core of the Statista platform. Enter one or more keywords, and you immediately receive the most relevant statistics on a topic. With the ability to filter results by date, region, and industry, all of our data is uniformly catalogued and prepared. With Statista, you no longer need to tediously search for individual market figures. Instead, you receive only the most important facts, studies, and publications, as well as the most relevant sources on a topic, all at the click of a button. In addition, our Statista Dossiers provide you with complete PowerPoint presentations and statistics on the 1,000 most popular searches.”

– Statista