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Books Recently Returned: 7/21/2011

These books from the Business Library’s general collection have been loaned and recently returned. Books appear in order by call number. Readers can use the list to see which subjects are popular or used for research.

Click on a title for more information.

Updated July 21, 2011

Title Author Call Number
The business of consu lting : the basics and beyond Biech, Elaine. BUS DESK Software 3111
The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid Prahalad, C. K. BUS DESK Software 5789 CD-ROM
Bargaining games : a new approach to strategic thinking in negotiations Murnighan, John Keith. BUS LIB BF637.N4 M8 1992
Negotiation : strategies for mutual gain : the basic seminar of the Harvard Program on Negotiation   BUS LIB BF637.N4 N426 1993
The art and science of negotiation Raiffa, Howard, 1924- BUS LIB BF637.N4 R34
The first tycoon : the epic life of Cornelius Vanderbilt Stiles, T. J. BUS LIB CT275.V23 S85 2009
Real world research : a resource for social scientists and practitioner-researchers Robson, Colin. BUS LIB H62 .R627 2002
Data analysis using regression and multilevel/hierarchical models Gelman, Andrew. BUS LIB HA31.3 .G45 2007
Econometric analysis Greene, William H., 1951- BUS LIB HB139 .G74 1997
Macroeconomics Smith, Warren Lounsbury, 1914-1972. BUS LIB HB171.5 .S642
A course in microeconomic theory Kreps, David M. BUS LIB HB172 .K74 1990a
Intertemporal macroeconomics Azariadis, Costas. BUS LIB HB172.5 .A93 1993
Too big to fail Sorkin, Andrew Ross. BUS LIB HB3722 .S659 2009
Contractual arrangements for intertemporal trade   BUS LIB HB801 .C629 1987
Assets and the poor : a new American welfare policy Sherraden, Michael W. (Michael Wayne), 1948- BUS LIB HC110.P63 S49 1991
Women executives in Japan : how I succeeded in business in a male-dominated society Saisho, Yuriko, 1926- BUS LIB HC461.5.S22 A3613 1981
What’s mine is yours : the rise of collaborative consumption Botsman, Rachel. BUS LIB HC79.C6 B68 2010
Corporate governance : theoretical and empirical perspectives   BUS LIB HD2741 .C779 2000
A history of corporate governance around the world   BUS LIB HD2741 .H568 2005
International corporate governance : text, readings, and cases Tricker, R. Ian (Robert Ian) BUS LIB HD2741 .T7 1994
Corporate governance Monks, Robert A. G., 1933- BUS LIB HD2745 .M66 1995
Hard facts, dangerous half-truths, and total nonsense : profiting from evidence-based management Pfeffer, Jeffrey. BUS LIB HD30.23 .P468 2006
Cannibals with forks : the triple bottom line of 21st century business Elkington, John. BUS LIB HD30.255 .E45 1998
Handbook of research on strategy and foresight   BUS LIB HD30.28 .H36636 2010
Qualitative methods in management research Gummesson, Evert, 1936- BUS LIB HD30.4 .G85 2000
Modern approaches to understanding and managing organizations Bolman, Lee G. BUS LIB HD31 .B613 1984
The management of innovation Burns, Tom, 1913- BUS LIB HD31 .B83 1994
Executive greed : examining business failures that contributed to the economic crisis Kothari, Vinay B. BUS LIB HD31 .K63 2010
Organizations in action : social science bases of administrative theory Thompson, James D. BUS LIB HD31 .T5229 2003
Markets and hierarchies, analysis and antitrust implications Williamson, Oliver E. BUS LIB HD31 .W5173
Managing organizational conflict; a nontraditional approach Robbins, Stephen P., 1943- BUS LIB HD38 .R57
Workplace sabbaticals- : bonus or entitlement? Kramer, Daniel C., 1934- BUS LIB HD5255 .K73 2001
The flight of the creative class : the new global competition for talent Florida, Richard L. BUS LIB HD53 .F455 2005
Handbook of organizational creativity   BUS LIB HD53 .H357 2008
High-involvement management Lawler, Edward E. BUS LIB HD5650 .L35 1986
The ultimate advantage : creating the high-involvement organization Lawler, Edward E. BUS LIB HD5650 .L354 1992
Good to great : why some companies make the leap– and others don’t Collins, James C. (James Charles), 1958- BUS LIB HD57.7 .C645 2001
Handbook of leadership theory and practice : an HBS centennial colloquium on advancing leadership   BUS LIB HD57.7 .H3564 2010
The leadership challenge : how to get extraordinary things done in organizations Kouzes, James M., 1945- BUS LIB HD57.7 .K68 1987
Think before you speak : the complete guide to strategic negotiation Lewicki, Roy J. BUS LIB HD58.6 .L494 1996
Negotiation analysis : the science and art of collaborative decision making Raiffa, Howard, 1924- BUS LIB HD58.6 .R342 2002
The trust process in organizations   BUS LIB HD58.7 .T744 2003
Learning, training , and development in organizations   BUS LIB HD58.82 .L43 2010
The fifth discipline : the art and practice of the learning organization Senge, Peter M. BUS LIB HD58.9 .S46 1994
The power of 360 feedback : how to leverage performance evaluations for top productivity Waldman, David A. (David Andrew), 1955- BUS LIB HD58.9 .W35 1998
The external control of organizations : a resource dependence perspective Pfeffer, Jeffrey. BUS LIB HD60 .P46
The international businesswoman of the 1990s : a guide to success in the global marketplace Rossman, Marlene L. BUS LIB HD6054.3 .R67 1990
Comparable worth : issues and alternatives   BUS LIB HD6061.2.U6 C65
Labor and the environmental movement : the quest for common ground Obach, Brian K. (Brian Keith) BUS LIB HD6508 .O2 2004
Research on managing groups and teams   BUS LIB HD66 .R47
How to make collaboration work : powerful ways to build consensus, solve problems, and make decision Straus, David. BUS LIB HD66 .S772 2002
B2B brand management Kotler, Philip. BUS LIB HD69.B7 K68 2006
Field casework : methods for consulting to small and start up businesses Gundry, Lisa K., 1958- BUS LIB HD69.C6 G853 1996
Mind for hire : a practitioner’s guide to management consulting Smith, Roger C., 1934- BUS LIB HD69.C6 S646 2000
CENTO Seminar on Industrial Dis utes Settlement, held in İzmir, Septembe r 10-15, 1973 Cento Seminar on Industrial Disputes Settlement, İzmir, 1973. BUS LIB HD6971 .S42 1973
Theory Z : how American business can meet the Japanese challenge Ouchi, William G. BUS LIB HD70.J3 O88
The practice of management. Drucker, Peter Ferdinand, 1909- BUS LIB HD70.U5 D7
A Mental revolution : scientific management since Taylor   BUS LIB HD70.U5 M426 1992
An introduction to modern theories of economic growth Jones, Hywel G. BUS LIB HD82 .J596
Oil on the brain : adventures from the pump to the pipeline Margonelli, Lisa. BUS LIB HD9560.5 .M3185 2007
Management education for global sustainability   BUS LIB HF1106 .M27 2009
Surveys in international trade   BUS LIB HF1379 .S87 1994
Built to last : successful habits of visionary companies Collins, James C. (James Charles), 1958- BUS LIB HF5386 .C735 1994
Poor Richard’s legacy : American business values from Benjamin Franklin to Donald Trump Baida, Peter. BUS LIB HF5387 .B33 1990
Discourses on ethics and business Behrman, Jack N. BUS LIB HF5387 .B43
Making the right decision : ethics for managers Hall, William D. (William Delaney), 1922- BUS LIB HF5387 .H35 1993
Business research sources : a reference navigator Butler, F. Patrick. BUS LIB HF54.52.U5 B88 1999
Neuromarketing : understanding the buy button in your customer’s brain Renvoisé, Patrick. BUS LIB HF5415.12615 .R46 2007
Business to busines s marketing : creating a community of customers Hunter, Victor L., 1947- BUS LIB HF5415.1263 .H86 1997
Nuts, bolts and magnetrons : a practical guide for industrial marketers Millier, Paul. BUS LIB HF5415.1263 .M55 2000
Twitter power : how to dominate your market one tweet at a time Comm, Joel. BUS LIB HF5415.1265 .C646 2009
Unmarketable : brandalism, copyfighting, mocketing, and the erosion of integrity Moore, Anne Elizabeth. BUS LIB HF5415.127 .M663 2007
The fair trade revolution   BUS LIB HF5417 .F35 2011
Employee-organizaion linkages : the psychology of commitment, absenteeism, and turnover Mowday, Richard T. BUS LIB HF5548.8 .M67 1982
Handbook of human resource management   BUS LIB HF5549 .H2965 1995
Not everyone gets a trophy : how to manage Generation Y Tulgan, Bruce. BUS LIB HF5549.2.U5 T854 2009
Pay and organization development Lawler, Edward E. BUS LIB HF5549.5.C67 L38
When generations collide Lancaster, Lynne C. BUS LIB HF5549.5.M5 L36 2002
360 ̊feedback : the powerful new model for employee assessme nt & performance improvement Edwards, Mark R. (Mark Robert), 1949- BUS LIB HF5549.5.R3 E33 1996
Exploring the limits of personnel selection and classification   BUS LIB HF5549.5.S38 E97 2001
Changing supervisor behavior Goldstein, Arnold P. BUS LIB HF5549.5.T7 G54
Training and development in organizations Goldstein, Irwin L., 1937- BUS LIB HF5549.5.T7 G542 1989
Training in organizations : needs assessment, development, and evaluation Goldstein, Irwin L., 1937- BUS LIB HF5549.5.T7 G544 1993
Evaluating training programs : the four levels Kirkpatrick, Donald L. BUS LIB HF5549.5.T7 K49 1998
Accounting and the global economy after Sarbanes-Oxley Garner, Don E. BUS LIB HF5686.C7 G297 2008
The visionary package : using packaging to build effective brands Meyers, Herbert M. BUS LIB HF5770 .M463 2005
Advertising : a behavioral approach for managers Faison, Edmund W. J., 1926- BUS LIB HF5822 .F34
Kodak and the lens of nostalgia West, Nancy Martha, 1963- BUS LIB HF6161.P36 W47 2000
Theory of financial decision making Ingersoll, Jonathan E. BUS LIB HG173 .I54 1987
The doom loop in the financial sector : and other black holes of risk Leiss, William, 1939- BUS LIB HG173 .L45 2010
The Financial services fact book. Financial services fact book (New York, N.Y.) BUS LIB HG181 .F6436
The price of everything : solving the mystery of why we pay what we do Porter, Eduardo. BUS LIB HG223 .P67 2011
The world is curved : hidden dangers to the global economy Smick, David M. BUS LIB HG3881 .S5397 2008
Principles of corporate finance Brealey, Richard A. BUS LIB HG4026 .B667 1991
Security owner’s stock guide Standard and Poor’s Corporation. BUS LIB HG4501 .S7
Standard & Poor’s creditweek   BUS LIB HG4501 .S725
Models for investors in real world markets Thompson, James R. BUS LIB HG4515.2 .T48 2003
Empirical market m icrostructure Hasbrouck, Joel. BUS LIB HG4521 .H353 2007
A random walk down Wall Street Malkiel, Burton Gordon. BUS LIB HG4521 .M319 1985
Puzzles of finance : six practical problems and their remarkable solutions Kritzman, Mark P. BUS LIB HG4529 .K75 2000
Active portfolio management Grinold, Richard C. BUS LIB HG4529.5 .G75 2000
The shadow market Weiner, Eric J., 1967 July 7- BUS LIB HG4538 .W354 2010
Mapping the markets : a guide to stockmarket analysis Owen, Deborah. BUS LIB HG4551 .O94 2006
Active total return m anagement of fixed-income portfolios Dattatreya, Ravi E. BUS LIB HG4650 .D38 1995
Understanding Wall Street Little, Jeffrey B. BUS LIB HG4910 .L54 2004
Bond guide Standard and Poor’s Corporation. BUS LIB HG4921 .S618
Real options in practice Brach, Marion A. BUS LIB HG6024.A3 B73 2003
An introduction to the mathematics of financial derivatives Neftci, Salih N. BUS LIB HG6024.A3 N44 2000
Swap literacy : a comprehensible guide Ungar, Elizabeth. BUS LIB HG6024.A3 U647 1996
The futures : the rise of the speculator and origins of the world’s biggest markets Lambert, Emily, 1976- BUS LIB HG6049 .L36 2010
Made to stick : why some ideas survive and others die Heath, Chip. BUS LIB HM1033 .H43 2007
Theory testing in organizational behavior : the varient approach Dansereau, Fred, 1946- BUS LIB HM131 .D34 1984
Bass & Stogdill’s handbook of leadership Bass, Bernard M. BUS LIB HM141 .S83 1990
Digital capitalism : networking the global market system Schiller, Dan, 1951- BUS LIB HM221 .S35 1999
The world is flat : a brief history of the twenty-first century Friedman, Thomas L. BUS LIB HM846 .F74 2005
Remix : making art and commerce thrive in the hybrid economy Lessig, Lawrence. BUS LIB KF3020 .L47 2008
Invisible hands, invisible objectives : bringing workplace law and public policy into focus Befort, Stephen F., 1948- BUS LIB KF3319 .B44 2009
Experimental and quasi-experimental designs for generalized causal inference Shadish, William R. BUS LIB Q175 .S523 2002
Negative binomial regression Hilbe, Joseph. BUS LIB QA161.B5 H55 2007
Games and information : an introduction to game theory Rasmusen, Eric. BUS LIB QA269 .R37 1989
An introduction to survival analysis using Stata Cleves, Mario Alberto, 1954- BUS LIB QA276.45.S72 C483 2004
Regression models for categorical dependent variables using Stata Long, J. Scott. BUS LIB QA278.2 .L654 2001
Introducing South America [videorecording]   BUS LIB Video record 4972 VHS
Strauss’s handbook of business information : a guide for librarians, students, and researchers Moss, Rita W. BUS LIB Z7164.C81 S7796 2004
The filter bubble : what the Internet is hiding from you Pariser, Eli. BUS LIB ZA4237 .P37 2011
Affect and decision making : a constructive processing pe spective Fedorikhin, Alexander Yurievich. BUS THES T1998 .F294