Books Recently Returned: 1/7/2011

These books from the Business Library’s general collection have been loaned and recently returned. Books appear in order by call number. Readers can use the list to see which subjects are popular or used for research.

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Updated January 7, 2011

Title Author Call Number
Tough choices : a memoir Fiorina, Carly. BUS CRESV HD6054.4.U6 F56 2007
CPA examination review   BUS DESK HF5661 .C2
Do’s and taboos around the world for women in business   BUS LIB G156.5.B86 D67 1997
The entrepreneur’s guide to Second life : making money in the metaverse Terdiman, Daniel. BUS LIB GV1469.25.S425 T47 2008
Methods of meta-analysis : correcting error and bias in research findings Hunter, John E. (John Edward), 1939- BUS LIB HA29 .H847 2004
Stata user’s guide : release 10   BUS LIB HA32 .S69865 2007
Too big to fail : the inside story of how Wall Street and Washington … Sorkin, Andrew Ross. BUS LIB HB3722 .S659 2009
Women executives i n Japan : how I succeeded in business in a male-dominated society Saisho, Yuriko, 1926- BUS LIB HC461.5.S22 A3613 1981
The necessary revolution : how individuals and organizations are working together to create …   BUS LIB HC79.E5 N436 2008
On being nonprofit : a conceptual and policy primer Frumkin, Peter. BUS LIB HD2769.15 .F78 2002
Barbarians at the gate : the fall of RJR Nabisco Burrough, Bryan, 1961- BUS LIB HD2796.R57 B87 1990
True greed : what really happened in the battle for RJR Nabisco Lampert, Hope. BUS LIB HD2796.R57 L36 1990
Economics , organization, and management Milgrom, Paul R., 1948- BUS LIB HD30.22 .M55 1992
Environmental ethics and the global marketplace   BUS LIB HD30.255 .E578 1998
Environmental protection and the social responsibility of firms : perspectives from law, economics, …   BUS LIB HD30.255 .E5873 2004
The new age of innovation : driving co-created value through global networks Prahalad, C. K. BUS LIB HD30.28 .P69 2008
On organizational learning Argyris, Chris, 1923- BUS LIB HD30.3 .A74 1993
The Wall Street Journal essential guide to management : lasting lessons from the best leadership … Murray, Alan S., 1954- BUS LIB HD31 .M825 2010
Leadership : managing in real organizations Sayles, Leonard R. BUS LIB HD31 .S324 1989
The wages of whiteness : race and the making of the American working class Roediger, David R. BUS LIB HD4903.5.U58 R64 2007
Visionary leadership : creating a compelling sense of direction for your organization Nanus, Burt. BUS LIB HD57.7 .N367 1992
Multi-level issues in organizations and time   BUS LIB HD58.7 .M8584 2007
Multi-level issues in strategy and methods   BUS LIB HD58.7 .M859 2005
Business cultures in Europe Randlesome, Collin. BUS LIB HD58.7 .R354 1993
Research in organizational behavior   BUS LIB HD58.7 .R45
Harvard business review on change   BUS LIB HD58.8 .H368 1998
No-collar : the humane workplace and its hidden costs Ross, Andrew, 1956- BUS LIB HD58.8 .R674 2003
The fifth discipline : the art and practice of the learning organization Senge, Peter M. BUS LIB HD58.9 .S46 1994
Social entrepreneurship : what everyone needs to know Bornstein, David. BUS LIB HD60 .B67 2010
Beyond the bottom line : putting social responsibility to work for your business and the world Makower, Joel, 1952- BUS LIB HD60.5.U5 M327 1994
The international businesswoman of the 1990s : a guide to success in the global marketplace Rossman, Marlene L. BUS LIB HD6054.3 .R67 1990
Tangled routes : women, work, and globalization on the tomato trail Barndt, Deborah. BUS LIB HD6073.F72 M493 2008
The new entrepreneurs : building a green economy for the future Heintzman, Andrew. BUS LIB HD62.5 .H425 2010
Executive leadership in nonprofit organizations Herman, Robert D., 1946- BUS LIB HD62.6 .H47 1991
Nonprofit strategic planning : leveraging Sarbanes-Oxley best practices Jackson, Peggy M. BUS LIB HD62.6 .J32 2007
The E-myth revisited : why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it Gerber, Michael E. BUS LIB HD62.7 .G458 1995
How to make collaboration work : powerful ways to build consensus, solve problems, … Straus, David. BUS LIB HD66 .S772 2002
Brand society : how brands transform management and lifestyle Kornberger, Martin, 1974- BUS LIB HD69.B7 K66 2010
The essentials of project management Johnson, Lauren Keller. BUS LIB HD69.P75 J64 2006
Mind your manners : managing business cultures in the new global Europe Mole, John, 1945- BUS LIB HD70.E8 M65 2003
After the strike : a century of labor struggle at Pullman Hirsch, Susan E. BUS LIB HD8072.5 .H57 2003
From Columbus to ConAgra : the globalization of agriculture and food   BUS LIB HD9000.5 .F76 1994
Sugar and related sweetener markets : international perspectives   BUS LIB HD9100.5 .S74 2002
Coke’s first 100 years . .. and a look into the future   BUS LIB HD9349.S634 C65 1986
The real Coke, the real story Oliver, Thomas, 1950- BUS LIB HD9349.S634 C67 1986
For God, country, and Coca-Cola Pendergrast, Mark. BUS LIB HD9349.S634 C674 1993
Who says elephants can’t dance? : inside IBM’s historic turnaround Gerstner, Louis V. BUS LIB HD9696.2.U64 I2545 2002
Iacocca : an autobiography Iacocca, Lee A. BUS LIB HD9710.U52 I25 1984
Talking straight Iacocca, Lee A. BUS LIB HD9710.U52 I27 1988
Levi’s children : coming to terms with human rights in the global marketplace Schoenberger, Karl. BUS LIB HD9940.U6 L457 2000
Critical reasoning & readi ng comprehension : verbal preparation guide Manhattan GMAT Prep. BUS LIB HF1118 .M3542 2005
Fractions, decimals, & percents : math preparation guide Manhattan GMAT Prep. BUS LIB HF1118 .M3544 2005
Geometry : math preparation guide Manhattan GMAT Prep. BUS LIB HF1118 .M3545 2005
Sentence correction : verbal preparation guide Manhattan GMAT Prep. BUS LIB HF1118 .M3547 2005
Word translations : math preparation guide Manhattan GMAT Prep. BUS LIB HF1118 .M3548 2005
The marketing era : from professional practice to global provisioning Applbaum, Kalman. BUS LIB HF1515 .A66 2004
Never eat alone and other secrets to success : one relationship at a time Ferrazzi, Keith. BUS LIB HF5386 .F4117 2005
The power of many : values for success in business and in life Whitman, Meg. BUS LIB HF5386 .W4934 2010
Ethics, the heart of leadership   BUS LIB HF5387 .E875 1998
International business ethics : challenges and approaches   BUS LIB HF5387 .I58 1999
Leaders on ethics : real-world perspectives on today’s business challenges   BUS LIB HF5387 .L425 2007
Ethics and corporate social responsiblity : why giants fall Sims, Ronald R. BUS LIB HF5387 .S569 2003
Intercultural business communication Gibson, Robert. BUS LIB HF5389 .G53 2002
Green marketing Ottman, Jacquelyn. BUS LIB HF5413 .O89 1992
Developing a winning marketing plan Cohen, William A., 1937- BUS LIB HF5415 .C54247 1987
All marketers are liars : the power of telling authentic stories in a low-trust world Godin, Seth. BUS LIB HF5415 .G5767 2005
Brand manners : how to create the self-confident organizaion to live the brand Pringle, Hamish. BUS LIB HF5415 .P6594 2001
Marketing warfare Ries, Al. BUS LIB HF5415 .R544 1986
Adventures in misplaced marketing Rotfeld, Herbert Jack, 1950- BUS LIB HF5415 .R635 2001
Branded : the buying and selling of teenagers Quart, Alissa. BUS LIB HF5415.33.U6 Q37 2003
Land of desire : merchants, power and the rise of a new American culture Leach, William R. BUS LIB HF5465.U5 L4 1993
Trading and exchanges : market microstructure for practitioners Harris, Larry, 1956- BUS LIB HF5470 .H37 2003
Common value auctions and the winner’s curse Kagel, John H. (John Henry), 1942- BUS LIB HF5476 .K27 2002
Auctions : theory and practice Klemperer, Paul. BUS LIB HF5476 .K54 2004
Business process change : a guide for business managers and BPM and six sigma professionals Harmon, Paul, 1942- BUS LIB HF5548.32 .H367 2007
Alcohol problem intervention in the workplace : employee assistance programs …   BUS LIB HF5549.5.A4 A368 1990
CQ : developing cultural intelligence at work Earley, P. Christopher. BUS LIB HF5549.5.M5 E17 2006
Smart policies for workplace technologies : email, blogs, cell phones & more Guerin, Lisa, 1964- BUS LIB HF5549.5.P39 G84 2009
How to read a financial report : wringing cash flow and other vital signs out of the numbers Tracy, John A. BUS LIB HF5681.B2 T733 1989
Ads to icons : how advertising succeeds in a multimedia age Springer, Paul. BUS LIB HF5823 .S676 2007
Prices in financial markets Dothan, Michael U. BUS LIB HG174 .D68 1990
Poverty capital : microfinance and the making of development Roy, Ananya. BUS LIB HG178.3 .R69 2010
Restoring financial stability : how to repair a failed system   BUS LIB HG181 .R37 2009
Politics and banking : ideas, public policy, and the creation of financial institutions Hoffmann, Susan. BUS LIB HG2461 .H58 2001
Acquisition and merger negotiating strategy   BUS LIB HG4028.M4 A36
The dark side of valuation : valuing old tech, new tech, and new economy companies Damodaran, Aswath. BUS LIB HG4028.V3 D352 2001
Business valuation : an integrated theory Mercer, Z. Christopher. BUS LIB HG4028.V3 M47 2008
Mathematics of financial markets Elliott, Robert James. BUS LIB HG4515.3 .E37 1999
Probability and finance : it’s only a game! Shafer, Glenn, 1946- BUS LIB HG4515.3 .S534 2001
Financial market analytics Teall, John L., 1958- BUS LIB HG4515.3 .T43 1999
Investing : the last libreral art Hagstrom, Robert G., 1956- BUS LIB HG4521 .H238 2002
Empirical market m icrostructure : the institutions, economics and econometrics of securities trading Hasbrouck, Joel. BUS LIB HG4521 .H353 2007
A random walk down Wall Street Malkiel, Burton Gordon. BUS LIB HG4521 .M319 1981
Pioneering portfolio management : an unconventional approach to institutional investment Swensen, David F., 1954- BUS LIB HG4529.5 .S94 2000
The business of investment banking Liaw, K. Thomas. BUS LIB HG4534 .L528 1999
Dynamic asset pricing theory Duffie, Darrell. BUS LIB HG4637 .D84 1992
Foreclosed : high-risk lending, deregulation, and the und rmining of America’s mortgage market Immergluck, Daniel. BUS LIB HG5095 .I45 2009
Financial calculus : an introduction to derivative pricing Baxter, Martin, 1968- BUS LIB HG6024.A3 B39 1996
Options : trading strategies that work   BUS LIB HG6042 .O69 1992
West of Wall Street Angell, George. BUS LIB HG6043 .A55 1988
Futures 101 : an introduction to commodity trading Waldron, Richard E. BUS LIB HG6049 .W35 1997
Culture and leader ship across the world : the GLOBE book of in-depth studies of 25 societies   BUS LIB HM1261 .C85 2007
Real power : the stages of personal power in organizations Hagberg, Janet. BUS LIB HM141 .H333 1984
Research in the sociology of organizations.   BUS LIB HM786 .R46
Remix : making art and commerce thrive in the hybrid economy Lessig, Lawrence. BUS LIB KF3020 .L47 2008
Principles of employment law   BUS LIB KF3455 .P75 2009
Disney war Stewart, James B. BUS LIB PN1999.W27 S74 2005
A funny thing happened on the way to the boardroom : using humor in business speaking Iapoce, Michael. BUS LIB PN4193.B8 I27 1988
Time series analysis and forecasting : the Box-Jenkins approach Anderson, O. D. (Oliver Duncan), 1940- BUS LIB QA280 .A48
Case studies in information and computer ethics Spinello, Richard A. BUS LIB QA76.9.M65 S65 1997
The Toyota way : 14 management principles from the world’s greatest manufacturer Liker, Jeffrey K. BUS LIB TS155 .L54 2004
Identifying waste on the shopfloor   BUS LIB TS176 .I29 2003
Accelerating innovation : improving the process of product development Patterson, Marvin L. BUS LIB TS176 .P367 1993
Zipped commercials, zapped memory? : the impact of zipping on attitude and memory for commercials Rouwenhorst, Robert Mark. BUS THES T2009 .R689