Mark Your Calendar: Journal Article Publishing Workshop, Oct 15

Journal Article Publishing Workshop, Oct 15

October 15, 2015; 9 – 11 a.m., EMRB, Seebold Room

This workshop is a collaboration with Elsevier to offer faculty, graduate students, post-docs, and library staff an academic publishing workshop designed to examine the processes for developing manuscripts and submitting articles to academic journals. Preparing manuscripts, the editorial process, and targeting a journal for submission are among the topics to be covered.

The workshop will be led by an Elsevier STM journal publisher. A panel of UI faculty, including an Elsevier journal editor, will participate. Beverages and breakfast items will be provided.

To register for the workshop, please email

Questions: contact Karen Fischer,, 335-8781

Worldwide Use of Iowa Research Online (IRO)

The publications in Iowa Research Online (IRO) are very widely used. From July 2014–June 2015, the items were downloaded more than 1.5 million times!

This map shows the downloads of content from IRO during the last fiscal year. Adjust the map in the window below to see more countries. Move your cursor over the map to see the counts from each country. You can also see a large version of the map.

If you want to include your scholarship in IRO to increase its global reach, contact you subject specialist at the University Libraries.

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Exam Master Online Content Update on August 17, 2015

A new content update is planned for Exam Master Onine on August 17, 2015. Please see below for a brief summary of materials impacted and explanations from Exam Master®. Questions? Comments? Email us at or call (319) 335-9151.

USMLE Step 1

  • Removing: Versions 1, 2 & 3 of Practice Exams
  • Adding: Version 4 of Practice Exam, which incorporates the best questions from previous versions, along with new questions.

Certification Review

  • Removing: Surgery (ACS) will be retired because Exam Master® has not been able acquire new content.
  • Adding: Urgent Care, developed in partnership with the American Board of Urgent Care Medicine, (ABUCM)
  • Updating: Family Medicine has been updated after a thorough review.

Physician Assistant (PA) Resources

  • Removing: the Clinical Modules for PA’s and the Medical Subjects Modules for PA’s
  • Adding: CRS (Certification Review Series) and Biomedical Subjects and Clinical Subjects outlines; also adding USMLE Step 1 Board Review & Medical Subjects, USMLE Step 2 and Step 3 Medical Subject Outlines


  • Removing: Supplemental Medical Sciences for Pharmacy
  • Adding: Biomedical Subjects and Clinical Subjects outlines.

Exam Master Online can be found it on the Health Sciences Databases A-Z list on the home page for Hardin Library.

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New Resource: Pharmaceutical Substances

The library now has a subscription to Pharmaceutical Substances, a reference resource with more than 2,600 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) of interest to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is updated biannually.
The default search box allows keyword searching. After clicking on the Advanced Search button, users can draw a structure or reaction on the right side of screen and search by structure or reaction. To return to keyword searching from the advance search page, simply type in the keyword in the search box before the search button on the right top of the screen.
Pharmaceutical Substances is listed on the Health Sciences Resources A-Z page. We’re very interested in hearing how you like this new database. Email us at or call (319) 335-9151. Don’t forget you can also find SciFinder on the A-Z page, which is a more comprehensive database of literature, substances and reactions in chemistry and related sciences. thieme

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Patent Searching in Scopus

Similar to Web of Science, Scopus is a multidisciplinary database that covers journal articles, conference proceedings, and books and allows citation analysis. A lesser known feature in Scopus is patent searching. There are about 23 million patent records in Scopus, derived from five patent offices, including the US Patent & Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, the Japan Patent Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the UK Intellectual Property Office*.

For patent searching, conduct your search as you normally would either using the default Document Search or using other options such as Author Search and Affiliation Search. On the results page, you will see the number (7,655 in the example showed in the screenshot) of Documents Results listed on the upper left side of the screen. To the right of this number, there is a link that says “View 358 patent results”. This link will take you to a separate page with patents listed. Note that the patent link will only appear if there are patent results that matched your search terms.

Patent searching in Scopus screenshot

To know more about patents and how to find them, visit the Patent guide created at the Lichtenberger Engineering Library. You can also take a patent class at Hardin Library; for more information, visit the Hardin Open Workshops website at

*Source: Elsevier. Scopus Facts & Figure Factsheet.  Accessed April 28, 2015.

Embase: Tips For Navigating A Powerful & Tricky Resource

By Eric Rumsey
Embase, which we described in an earlier article, is a powerful biomedical database which is comparable to PubMed. Unfortunately, the interface for Embase is rather difficult to navigate, especially for new users. We have created two resources for beginning users:

A 2-page handout: Basic Searching in EMBASE

A slide set that shows the first steps in doing a successful search in Embase: Embase: Use Quick Search To Do Mapping!

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New Resource: Cochrane Clinical Answers

The library now has a subscription to Cochrane Clinical Answers (CCAs). CCAs are derived from Cochrane systematic reviews and provide clinicians with short answers to clinical questions at the point of care.The website allows browsing by disease categories and keyword searching. Each CCA contains a clinical question, a short answer, and links to relevant Cochrane systematic reviews. See the screenshot below for an example.  Note that CCAs are still in development, and there is not a CCA for every Cochrane systematic review.

Similar resources to be used by clinician at the point of care include DynaMed and UpToDate, both of which can be found at the Health Sciences Resources A-Z page.

Questions? Comments? Email us at or call (319) 335-9151.

CCA screenshot

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Interesting Articles on Altmetrics

In a previous post, we mentioned the concept of altmetrics briefly when introducing the Altmetric for Scopus feature in the Scopus database.  Below we are listing links to two thought-provoking articles on altmetrics, both published last week.

The following two blog posts published in 2012 are also interesting. Make sure to check out the comments, which are equally interesting.

Hardin Library offers workshops on a variety of subjects including how to find journals’ Impact Factors and H indices. Our Fall schedule is coming soon. Stay tuned.