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Exhibit: Einstein and the General Theory of Relativity

Our new exhibit at the Sciences Library celebrates the life of Albert Einstein and the 100th anniversary of his general theory of relativity, presented for the first time in 1915. The exhibit explains the general theory of relativity and its significance to modern physics. It also provides some interesting background information about his life and family. To learnContinue reading “Exhibit: Einstein and the General Theory of Relativity”

Exhibit: The Science of Frankenstein

We’ve installed a new exhibit at the Sciences Library, just in time for Halloween! The Science of Frankenstein explores the scientific practices that inspired Mary Shelley’s famous novel, Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein collected body parts for his monster through body snatching, a common, though gruesome, practice of the time. Historically, a shortage of cadavers available forContinue reading “Exhibit: The Science of Frankenstein”